A day after King Charles’s shock cancer diagnosis, there’s been a heartbreaking claim made about his health

A day after King Charles's shock cancer diagnosis, there's been a heartbreaking claim made about his health. I don't care what you think of him, this isn't fair... Check Comments...


King Charles has been diagnosed with a form of cancer while being treated for an enlarged prostate, Buckingham Palace reported.

The Palace, however, has not revealed what kind of cancer the King has, or where he is receiving treatment. “No further details are being shared at this stage, except to confirm that His Majesty does not have prostate cancer,” the Palace stated.

During the time of receiving treatment, the King would postpone public-facing duties.

His majesty is grateful to the medical professionals for their swift intervention.

King Charles made the decision to make the news of his diagnosis public in order to prevent speculations, as well as to raise awareness about cancer and support those battling the same disease.

According to medical professionals, the King’s cancer might be near his prostate; in his liver, stomach, or lung.

Dr. Stuart Fischer from New York said, “Usually, people don’t die from prostate cancer itself. There are medicines to help, like anti-testosterones, which can stop the cancer from spreading.”

He added: “If the cancer has spread to places like the lung and liver, it’s hard to treat. If that’s the case, he might have a few years left to live, if he’s lucky.”

Another doctor, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, spoke to Radar and explained that the King’s cancer was discovered while they examined him with a sonogram, CT scan, or MRI.

“When cancer spreads to other organs, usually people don’t live longer than five years,” Mirkin said.

We truly hope that King Charles would be able to overcome any obstacles that come on his way to fully recovery.

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