A 12-week-old girl suddenly passes away from undetected heart condition

This is so devastating...


Gemma Williams and Jason Thomas were over the moon when their bundle of joy, sweet baby Lexi came to this world. They were looking forward to a long and happy life with their daughter, but then the most devastating thing happened. At just 12 weeks old, little Lexi lost her life and left her grieving parents wondering whether they could have done something to prevent the tragedy.

According to Wales Online, the unfortunate event took place back in March 2013 while the family was taking a shopping trip together. Lexi was in her stroller when she fell unconscious and unresponsive.

Gemma told Waled Online, “I went to touch Lexi’s face but she didn’t react. Then I realized something wasn’t right and I shouted for help.”

At the time her parents noticed she wasn’t responding, it was already way too late for the little life to be saved.

The ambulance was on their way when an onlooker with a medical training approached and offered help. He tried to resuscitate her, but Lexi didn’t respond.

The parents were shocked. They couldn’t believe how a perfectly healthy baby could die so suddenly. But the reality was completely different. The reason for Lexi’s death was a rare illness her family wasn’t aware she was suffering from.

When she was born, both Gemma and Lexi were discharged from the hospital in a great condition. The doctors failed to diagnose the baby with total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage, a rare congenital malformation that doesn’t allow enough oxygenated blood to be pumped around the body.

Now years after Lexi said the final goodbye, Gemma and Jason have a son whom they love unconditionally.

However, they are now urging hospitals and doctors to tests all newborn babies with the ‘pulse oximetry’ method that monitors the oxygen levels in the blood. This would help detect any potential heart conditions like the one Lexi suffered from.