70-year-old teacher who never had a birthday party hears someone yell her name from the street

After that many years, she felt like the most special person on Earth!


Agnes Lloyd, a faculty teacher, was about to reach a milestone. She was turning 70 years old that year, but as her birthday approached, her heart ached more and more.

During all those years, this woman has never had blown a birthday candle, nor she was ever given a cake. Her parents were pretty poor and didn’t have the money for birthday parties. When she got married at the age of 18, Agnes and her husband focused all their time and energy on their studies, and when their children came into their lives, she only cared for their well-being and celebrated their birthdays, never revealing her own.

As years went by, the subject of her birthday became a topic that caused sadness at Agnes.

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Then, one day, one of her students, a young man named Christian, asked her when her birthday was.

“Well, my birthday is not important, guys. I don’t really celebrate it all,” she told her students, scrunching her nose and shaking her head.

“But you have to celebrate it. How old are you turning this year?” Christian inquired, to the surprise of the rest of the students. He looked around the class, confused. “What? Is that rude?”

“It’s a little rude to ask how old an older woman is. But I’ll tell you. I’m turning 70 this year, and it’s just going to be another regular day,” she replied, laughing at Christian’s innocence.

“That’s a big milestone! Are your children coming?” another student asked, to what Agnes shook her head. Her children never celebrated her birthday.

On the day she reached 70, Agnes felt sad. Despite her doctor’s warnings not to consume much sugar, she made a plan to buy herself cheesecake.

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But then, as she left the classroom and headed towards the parking lot, she noticed her students and some of the faculty members were gathered where her car was parked. Then, out of the blue, Christian presented her with a cake and candles which formed number 70.

She couldn’t believe they could have surprised her like that. Agnes was overwhelmed. After that many years, she blew birthday candles for the first time ever, and she was happy.

As they all sang ‘Happy Birthday,’ the students moved a bit and Agnes saw her children. She didn’t speak to them very often so she was surprised to see them there.

“You guys! How did this happen? What are you doing here?” Agnes finally asked her children.

“The principal called us and said that your students were planning this little surprise for you. That it was going to be a small and quick thing, but they wondered if we wanted to come,” Linda explained.

“Linda called to ask me if I wanted to go, and that’s when we realized we had never celebrated your birthday. Ever. Ever. We called Jordan, and he couldn’t remember if we had either,” Kiara chimed in.

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“We’re so sorry, Mom. We should’ve celebrated and called and checked in. It’s not a good feeling when you realize that your mother’s students care more for her than you. So we had to come,” Jordan explained, shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh, kids, it’s ok!” Agnes told them as she gave them all a hug.

They explained that Agnes’ grandchildren were waiting for her at home. They bought a cake and decorated her place.

Agnes felt like the most special person on Earth, and she indeed was one.

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