7-year-old girl sings at her grandfather’s funeral and people can’t stop their tears

This melted my heart!


When we lose someone we love, our heart breaks into a million pieces and part of it stays forever with the person who is no longer around us. Many times, we can’t even find the right words to express our sadness, as the pain is often unbearable.

A cute 7-year-old girl named Kaitlyn Maher lost her loving grandfather in a tragic accident in 2011. The girl was devastated, but still gather the strength to pay him a tribute in a way that melted millions of hearts.


Kaitlyn gave grandpa a eulogy and sang “There Will Be a Day” at his funeral. She knew she had to say goodbye in a way her grandpa would love. Her singing is enchanting and brings tears at everyone who listens to her paying respect. Even though she is young, she understands that he’s in Heaven now and dancing with the angels.

People thanked her for reminding them of the love God has for all of us. One person wrote, “All l can say is Wow out of the mouth of babes. What a beautiful understanding of God’s love she has. Her Grandfather would be so proud of her and he has touched her life and many. l had to hear her prayer to remind myself of God’s love to me. Thank you Kaitlyn!” Another added, “Amazing child. For a 7-year-old she is really gifted with wisdom coming from Above.”

This sweet girl is a talented singer and has many fans who enjoy her mesmerizing voice. Listen to her singing in the video below. Amazing indeed!