7-year-old boy with Down syndrome rings hospital bell to announce he’s cancer free after three years

We are so happy for you Tommy. You are a brave young boy!


Every parents’ dream is their children to be happy and healthy. Sadly, there are things in life that we don’t have control over, and that includes diseases.

Tommy Calder is a sweet young boy with Down Syndrome who was diagnosed with leukemia on February 18, 2018. The moment his parents Robert and Tina learned the devastating news, they felt like their world collapsed, but at the same time, they knew they had to stay strong for their boy and be by his side every step of the way.

It took a lot of sacrifice and almost three years for Tommy to kick the cancer’s ass, but he and his parents ended up winners.

The moment Tommy started receiving his treatments, dad Robert quit his job so that they could travel for two hours from Warren, Minnesota to the Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo countless of times.

During the whole time, Tommy showed he’s one of the bravest young boys there are. “He’s very tough. When he walks in this door, they have an iPad waiting for him because they know all they have to do is give him that iPad and he lets them do whatever,” his mom told KVRR News. “I don’t think he has ever cried once,” his dad added.


As the treatments cost a lot of money, a friend of the family started a GoFundMe page on the behalf of dad Robert which described Tommy as a beautiful soul and an enthusiastic drummer.

It explained the burden the family was feeling and asked from those moved by Tommy’s story to step in and donate. It also read, “I met Tommy’s father, Robert through our “Band of Brothers” page for fathers of children with Down syndrome. His obvious love and wholehearted inclusion of little Tommy really touched my heart as serendipity brought us together as family with a love in common.”


Finally, almost three years later, the family’s biggest dream came true. Their little boy, but a big fighter and a hero, has been cancer free. Tommy got to ring the hospital bell and spread the good news.

The parents thanked everyone involved in their son’s fight against the disease, especially the kind doctors and nurses. “This hospital has been amazing. Everybody from the doctors to the nurses to Child Life. They are spectacular,” Robert said. “We couldn’t think of a better place for him to get treatment.”

We are very happy for the family and hope Tommy will have an awesome childhood.