6-year-old boy dies after rattlesnake bites him on family bike ride with dad and sister – Rest in peace

Simon's dad carried him to try and find help. Rest in peace.


A tragedy struck on Tuesday of last week after a six-year-old boy was bitten by a rattlesnake during a bike ride with his father and sister at Bluestem Prairie Open Space.

The child, Simon Currat, from Security-Widefield, Colorado, was enjoying the day with his family, not assuming his life would end just a few days later.

During the ride, the family stopped to have a water break and Simon rushed ahead of his father and sister to look at a mile marker sign, as reported by Derek Chambers, Battalion Chief of the Security Fire Department.

In the next moment, Simon’s father heard his son yell “rattlesnake.” The father sprung into action and rushed towards Simon, took him in his arms, and started running towards the nearest neighborhood. The neighbors at the area immediately called 911, and per reports, the neighbor who alerted the first responders said that it didn’t take them more than five minutes to arrive after the call was made.

At that moment, Simon had not yet gone into cardiac arrest, which was a good sign.

Chambers called Lifeline for a helicopter that transported Simon to a local hospital, from where he was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Aurora. Unfortunately, despite the immediate help and treatments he received, Simon died on July 9.

Michelle Johnson of Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, where the boy’s family attends church, spoke of Simon and said he was “full of life and he just loved the Lord. So as individuals who believe in Jesus Christ, we know that he’s with God and there’s great joy in that.” Simon was a passionate learner in Sunday School.

Rest in peace, Simon.

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