5-year-old girl blows the audience away with incredible performance of Dolly Parton song

“This whole thing was amazing and it's all Aunt Erin's fault.”


We never really know when our talents will be noticed by the right people. A lot of stories about celebrities and their road to stardom start with someone “discovering” their abilities in odd ways.

Hopefully, the girl that we are going to tell you about will find her place in the music industry once she gets a bit older, because she will have an incredible story to share about how her singing went viral and how she ended up on Ellen’s show.

Source: YouTube – TheEllenShow

Violet Burdick, who is only five years old, and her musician father Ryan posted a video of her performing Dolly Parton’s famous song Jolene on YouTube and people loved it.

Soon after the video went viral, Violet’s aunt Erin decided to send a copy of it to Ellen. Needless to say, the show’s crew was mesmerized by Violet’s singing abilities so they decided to invite her over together with her dad.

Source: YouTube – TheEllenShow

Ryan said he had no idea Erin sent Violet’s video to Ellen, but he wasn’t mad. On the contrary, both he and his girl were eager to meet the famous host. They traveled from New York to L.A. and had to get tested for COVID-19 three times, but it was all worth it.

Once at Ellen’s, Violet charmed everyone at the studio, as well as those watching on TV, with her incredible vocal. She and her dad also spoke of just how much they love Dolly Parton and how much they appreciate all she does for the battle against the coronavirus, including funding the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. They also spoke of Dolly’s contribution to the community through the “Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.” 

Source: YouTube – TheEllenShow

And as we all know already, Ellen won’t be her if she hasn’t a surprise in her sleeve.

Once Violet’s cute performance came to an end, she and Ryan were told they were getting an all-expenses-paid vacation to Dollywood in Tennessee.

Source: YouTube – TheEllenShow

Ryan hopes Violet will become a singer one day, and in case she does choose to get involved in music, he’s there to support her every step of the way. He also knows just how much Ellen is doing for these prodigy kids who show up at her show. “That is one nice thing about that show, they follow up with the child performers and to see them later and how they progressed. That is fun,” the proud dad said.

If you want to listen to Violet singing, check the video below.