5-year-old girl and her toddler brother found alone with their parents’ decaying bodies who died after eating poisoned pickles

When the children's aunt called their home, the girl told her that her parents were "sleeping too long."


A five-year-old girl and her toddler brother spent 3 whole days locked inside their apartment next to the dead bodies of their parents, Alexander Yakunin 30, and Viktoria, 25. During that time, the girl took care of her brother and the two slept by their mommy and daddy’s side.

After Alexander and Viktoria didn’t show up at a family gathering, their family got concerned and called them. It was the girl who answered the phone and told her aunt that her mom and dad were “sleeping too long” and that her daddy’s body turned black, according to The Sun.

The aunt, Natalia, drove to the apartment only to see her brother and her sister-in-law dead. She immediately called 911 and both police and ambulance arrived at the scene. The heartbreaking incident took place in Bolshoye Kuzomkino, Russia.

“I ran in… and saw everything. I fell down and screamed,” Natalia said about discovering the lifeless bodies.

Alexander and Viktoria were described by their family and neighbors as perfect parents who took great care of their children, and the tragedy left everyone who knew them heartbroken and devastated.

Allegedly, the cause of death is severe food poisoning. As per The Sun, before they died, Alexander and Viktoria ate pickles given to them by Alexander’s grandmother. It is suspected that the botulinum toxin from the pickles might have been the reason for the young parents’ deaths. This toxin can cause paralysis and respiratory failure, which leads to death.

However, the exact cause has not yet been revealed, although the families of the deceased are still looking for answers. Viktoria’s mother, 61-year-old Galina Yasturbenko, told news outlet 78.ru, “They said we must bury them in sealed coffins. We are shocked. Nobody knows what happened.”

The children are currently under the care of their paternal grandfather.

Rest in peace Alexander and Viktoria. Our hearts go out to the grieving families.

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