4-year-old Cash Gernon, who was abducted from his crib, died of “multiple stab wounds”, examiner finds

Rest in peace.


According to a report by the Dallas County Medical Examiner, four-year-old Cash Gernon, whose lifeless body was found on the street after he was kidnapped from his crib, died of multiple stab wounds, as reported by local news station CBS DFW.

At the time of his abduction, Cash and his twin brother were living with their dad’s girlfriend who was taking care of them all by herself since the father has been absent from March.

They boy’s mother had no idea where her boys were. It was reported by CBS News that she was searching for them extensively and only found out about their whereabouts after she was informed of her son’s death. As for now, her other son has been reunited with her.

The suspect, in what was described as a very violent case of kidnapping and murder, is 18-year-old Darriynn Brown. He was identified thanks to the surveillance footage from the home where the victim was living. Brown has been charged with kidnapping and burglary, but more charges are likely “pending results from a forensic analysis,” as reported by The Sun.

The suspect’s mother said he had mental issues but doesn’t believe he’s capable of committing such a cruel act.

The relationship between the suspect and the child or his family hasn’t been revealed yet and the reasons behind the killing remain unknown.

The boy was reported missing by his father’s girlfriend at 10.48 a.m. while his body was spotted by a passerby earlier, at 6.40 a.m. In the meantime, police was going door to door in hopes of establishing the boy’s identity.

“The closer I get to it, I can tell it’s a human because I see hands… and I see legs,” the person who alerted the police told CBS DWF. “To see a child covered in blood in the middle of the street? It’s truly traumatizing.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, the deadly wounds little Cash sustained were from “an edged weapon.”