35-year-old father was stabbed to death after he tried to stop a fight

Rest in peace.


A 35-year-old father lost his life after he was stabbed with a knife in the heart. His only guilt was that he intervened in a fight between his cousin, Shakeel Jabbaar, and his half-brother, Montell Williams, with two 17-year-old teenagers.

The deadly incident took place in Sheffield, England.

Right after he was stabbed, Marcus Ramsay was rushed to the Northern General Hospital where he was declared dead.

Over 150 people witnessed the fight. Many say they could clearly see the teenagers carrying knives. One of them slashed Ramsey’s cousin and that is when Ramsey decided to try and stop them from fighting. Sadly, he was then stabbed in the heart.

The 17-year-old suspects have been identified as Isaac Ramsey, not related to Ramsay, and Ruben Moreno.

“There were witnesses around. They say Isaac Ramsey was holding a knife,” Prosecutor David Brooke said of the CCTV footage of the fight. “You will see when we watch the CCTV in particular Isaac Ramsey gesturing towards Montell Williams and Marcus Ramsay and you can also see on the video Ruben Moreno was stood next to Isaac Ramsey with his hand poised and ready on his right hip where he also had a knife.”

According to The Mirror, Brooke further stated that “Both defendants went on the run and neither was arrested until some weeks later. When they were finally arrested, they were interviewed but both made no comments to any questions. Ruben Moreno now admits he did have a knife that night and he used it to stab Marcus Ramsay to death but he now claims he was acting in self-defense.”

Both Isaac Ramsey and Ruben Moreno have been charged in the case of Ramsey. Moreno has been charged with a single charge of murder and Ramsey has been charged with two counts of wounding with intent and possession of an article with a blade or point.

The incident took place in August of last year but the suspects have been charged just recently and they are still awaiting a trial.

Rest in peace Marcus Ramsay.