20-yr-old bullied for condition which affects her face takes to social media to address online bullying

She's a brave young lady!


Social networking sites are the perfect place for meeting new people and making new friends, but at the same time, they are a way for some cruel individuals who are hiding behind the computer screens to post mean and offensive comments because of other people’s beliefs, opinions, and appearance.

20-year-old Inma Franco from Extremadura, Spain, has a condition known as Saethre-Chotzen syndrome which causes a premature fusing of the skull and affects the shape of the face and the head. As a result, Inma is a target of bullies who comment on her looks and make fun of her.

But this brave young girl won’t let anyone affect her self-confidence. Instead, she’s raising her voice and serves as an inspiration for many young people who are victims of online bullying.

Inma decided to post a video on TikTok in which she speaks of her condition and on how the mean comments affect her life.

“You do not know what it is to go down the street and they laugh at you for your face, for everything,” she says in tears.

“Those small comments that seem harmless are the ones that hurt the most. You do not know the amount of videos that I never got to upload to YouTube due to insecurities.”

She already has 25.000 followers on YouTube and now her TikTok video has been seen over 1 million times. In it she also says: “The most important thing to be happy is to love yourself as it is with all its defects and insecurities. Thank you ♥ ️ and please, before commenting, think carefully about what you are going to say because you do not know how your comment may affect that person.”

A huge number of people took their time to offer their support, among which famous Spanish actor and writer Brays Efe who wrote: “Inma, don’t let anyone tell you that they are defects, something defective is something that does not work. Beauty is an opinion and here what matters is what you think. And the scars are not defects , they are medals that you have fought and won. I admire you.”

Actor Victor Clavijo reffered to Inma as to a “strong, brave, sensitive and intelligent woman,” according to Spain’s ABC News.

Inma truly is very brave for standing on the way of those who love making other people feel less valuable.