2-year-old boy dies after accidentally hanging himself on the blind’s cord while playing

Rest in peace, sweet Cobie.


Little children are curious by nature, and many times, they aren’t even aware of some of the dangers that are hidden behind their actions, like putting tiny objects in their mouth or wandering off without being noticed. That is why parents have to be extra careful and extra cautious until their little ones become aware of the consequences of their actions.

A 2-year-old boy from Cornwall, UK, named Cobie Grimshaw, lost his life after playing on the sofa near the cord of the blinds which weren’t fixed and got entangled on the beaded cord. The horrific incident took place April, 4, of this year.

When Cobie’s mother, 26-year-old Lauren Grimshaw went to check on her son who was by himself for just a very short amount of time, she saw him standing on the sofa faced back and though he was just sleepy. But as she got closer, she noticed the cord was around his neck.

Speaking to the Mirror of the tragic occurrence, the heartbroken mother said, “I immediately took him out of the cord by lifting him then taking it from his neck while shouting for mum and Tom (her partner).”

Steven Humphries, one of Lauren’s neighbors and a former volunteer at St. John’s Ambulance, heard the screams and rushed inside the house. He gave Cobie CPR while they were waiting for help to arrive. He remembers asking for how long had the boy been irresponsible and recalls saying “That had been a very long time,” after the grandma said 5 to 10 minutes.

Shortly after, an air ambulance arrived and took Cobie, together with Lauren, to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, Devon, before he was transferred to a specialist hospital in Bristol. Sadly, being without oxygen for over 10 minutes caused sweet Cobie’s brain to swallow. He was placed on a ventilator, but on April 7, three days after the accident, Cobie passed away.

Cobie was Lauren’s only child. She described him a boy loved by everyone who knew him.

Coroner Andrew Cox said the cause of death was a global brain injury due to asphyxiation and added, “Cobie was a normal fit and healthy two-year-old boy. Into everything, clearly accustomed to climbing onto the sofa and using it as a trampoline.”

“On this morning, he‘d been doing what two-year-old boys do, but tragically while climbing onto the back of the sofa he’d become entangled in the cords which were not fixed to the wall and he’s become accidentally entrapped and strangled himself.|

Rest in peace sweet boy, you will be dearly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.