16-year-old from Canada sounds exactly like Elvis Presley and people are going crazy over his voice

I could listen to him singing over and over again!


Some people are so charming that we can’t help but love them. 16-year-old David Thibault from Quebec, Canada, is one of them. This teen isn’t just humble and good-looking, but he’s a music sensation as well. I guess the world first heard of him after he appeared in an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was introduced as someone who sounds exactly like the King of Rock and Roll, legendary Elvis Presley.

To be honest, I personally expected for some resemblance, but thought it was probably an exaggeration as we all know Elvis is one and only, but the moment I heard him singing, I was in total disbelief. If you listen to him with your eyes closed, you will definitely think it is a recording from the King himself.

Ellen learned of David when a video of him singing ‘Blue Christmas’ at a radio station, which reached over eight million views, was posted on YouTube, and she had to invite him over and hear him perform in person.

David explained how he inherited the love for music and Elvis’ songs from his granddad. He sang the same song again and got amazing gifts from the host. To learn how she surprised him and to hear his incredible voice, go to the video below.