16 times people got sweet revenge by doing EXACTLY what they were told to do

Karma at its finest!


Never be mean to anyone and always mind your words, otherwise, karma will hit you back. No matter if you believe in this ‘force’ or not, the truth is that what goes around comes around.

The Reddit posts below are just an example of that. On top of that, they show that revenge can be sweet at times.

The posts are courtesy of r/maliciouscompliance.

1. Call When I Send A Fax? Will Do

From Redditor u/sberto:

Many years ago, before email took over the corporate environment, I worked at a large law firm and sent and received faxes for eight hours a day. I had five fax machines and two co-workers. We logged every fax. There was an incoming log and an outgoing log. And there was the ever-important confirmation sheet.

Opposing counsel was the kind of lawyer that gives lawyers a bad name. Stereotypical jack**s who played stupid lawyer games. Dropping documents at 5 pm on the Friday before a three-day weekend. That kind of petty sh*t that adds unnecessary misery to the profession.

My [boss] comes to the mailroom and says opposing counsel claims he didn’t receive a fax we said we sent. I call bullsh*t. I sent it myself. The confirmation sheet exists. Opposing counsel probably lost it. Or his secretary didn’t give it to him. Whatever. My [boss] knows I sent the fax. Opposing counsel wants to be called every time we send him a fax. He’s accused me of not doing my job and lying, and now he’s creating extra work for me. Okay, let’s play.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

What he wanted and expected was for me to call his secretary and let her know a fax was on the way. Nope. F**k that. I called his secretary and told her I was calling for my [boss]. She assumed he needed to talk to her boss so she connected me. Opposing counsel answers expecting some kind of substantive discussion. Instead he gets the mailroom guy. I said, “I’ve been told to let you know every time I send you a fax. I’m sending you a fax.” We hang up.

An hour later I call him again. New fax.

Half an hour after that I call again. New fax.

Another hour another call another… fax.

My [boss] comes to the mailroom with a big smile on his face. He’s giddy, almost giggling. He says opposing counsel asked that the calls stop. He no longer needs to know when faxes are coming. He’s tired of being interrupted. Sometimes you get exactly what you ask for.

2. Calling A Tow Truck? I Won’t Stop You

From Redditor u/gabgab01:

i was visiting my mother with my car, picking her up to go to a restaurant.

At her residence, I had trouble finding a parking spot, so I “parked” my car near an entryway. “Parked” in quotes because I kept the car running and stayed behind the wheel, texting my mom to come out because I’m waiting for her, in case I have to move the car to let someone else pass.

While I was waiting for my mom, another resident pulled up in his car and went into the entryway. I had to move the car a bit to let him in. The dude exited his car and came to me, red faced.

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t park here…!”

“That’s why the car is running and I’m sitting inside. I’m not parking.”

“Like f**k you are! I am calling the tow service and you better not move!” And then he went into his home.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

So I complied. I was p*ssed, but I stayed. Technically, I could’ve just left, driving carefully around him. He never wrote down my license plate and I did not [break] any rules. But he said to not move, so I didn’t.

When my mom came down, I explained the situation to her, and she agreed with me, that I have not broken any laws.

A few minutes later, the tow truck came. I stepped out, with a bit of a scowl on my face, ready to clear up the misunderstanding, but instead, the tower took the initiative with a smile: “Ah, I see what’s going on. You got blocked in. Lemme fix that for you,” and he towed the other guy’s car!

In the end, the angry dude had to pay to get his car back, as well as pay for the towing, since he called the tow service, and I got a nice meal at a restaurant and a fun story to tell.

3. Reimburse You 10 Cents? I’ll Mail It To You

From Redditor u/brother_p:

Back in the days before unlimited mobile phone calling plans and long distance, I had a company-paid flip phone. There were all kinds of fussy rules attached to using it – no texting (even though texting was free), no long-distance calls (with one exception as I’ll explain below), no special ring tones, and no using the camera. Like I said, fussy rules.

The one exception to the “no long-distance calls” rule was for travel. In my job, I rarely would have to travel to a different calling area (i.e., “roaming”) but if I did I was permitted one long-distance call per day to call home. That’s it.

So. The day came when I had to travel and stay overnight in a hotel for work. When I arrived at the hotel, I called my wife to let her know I arrived and spent a couple of minutes talking to my kids. Got some supper, did some work in front of the TV in the hotel room, and went to bed.

The next day while at the conference I was attending, I got a call from my home office. As I was in a large hotel, the call dropped so I had to call back. Didn’t think anything of it, went back to my session, and enjoyed the speaker. Later, after I got back to the hotel, I called home to say goodnight to the kids. I got the answering machine and left a message. Didn’t think anything of that either. The next day I returned and went on with my life.

At the end of the month I got a call from Finance.

“Brother_p, it’s <<finance supervisor>>. I’m just reviewing your latest cell phone bill and it shows an unauthorized long-distance call.”

“Really? What was the date?”

“April 3rd. You made a call to <<my office number>> at 9:20 am then another one to <<my home number>> at 6:15 pm.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s when I was at a conference. The first call was to me from the office but I got cut off and had to call back. I called home from the hotel later.”

“So, how would you like to reimburse us for the call?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“The second call. You have to reimburse for the unauthorized long-distance call. You have an expense claim from the conference in so I can deduct it from that, or you can pay directly.”

“How much are we talking about?”

“Ten cents.”

“Ten cents?”

“Ten cents. Would you like that deducted from your expense claim?”

I thought I was being punked. Seriously. I sat in stunned silence for a few moments.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

“No. You know what? I’ll pay you directly,” I said, and wished the supervisor a pleasant day.

I opened my drawer where I had some spare change, took two nickels, taped them to a sheet of 8.5 x 11″ paper, and wrote “for cell phone charge” and my name. I then took a company envelope, addressed it to the finance office (in a different building walking-distance away), folded the sheet of paper, and put it in the envelope. I put the envelope in the outgoing mail tray, the postage for which would be paid by the company.

A few days later I got a call from the comptroller herself. Three pay grades above me and usually wouldn’t interact with someone on my level. Apparently the supervisor complained about me.

“What’s with the nickels?”

I explained the situation, told her the supervisor had insisted that I pay the 10-cent charge and I complied. She laughed out loud. The paper, envelope, and postage had cost the company more than what they recovered.

The following month the finance department updated the cell phone policy. From then on, only long-distance charges in excess of $10 had to be reimbursed.

4. Don’t Touch Your Laundry? Not A Problem

From Redditor u/pluggedinbutdead:

Background: I live in an apartment building with a backyard. Landlady has set up drying lines in one part of the backyard that we’re free to use. I live on the ground floor and my apartment has direct access to the backyard. I work from home, so I’m almost always here every day…

I have perfect view of the lines and can see if there are any clothes on them. Sometimes a fellow resident will hang their clothes and either forget about them or be somewhere else when it’s raining.

So what I usually do is I bring them in and leave them in a little waiting room we have in the building where they can easily find it. It’s happened enough times that everyone already knows I’m the one doing it.

A few weeks ago, one of the residents came to me and complained about how I handled their clothes. She said I laid them down on a dirty surface, or rumpled them too much (they were just washed; of course there’ll be creases). She might have also insinuated that some pieces were missing… She ends her complaints with: “I’d rather you not touch my clothes in any way.”

That’s the first time someone complained to me about rescuing their freshly laundered clothes. Didn’t think much about it, until today.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

A few hours ago, I see her [putting] her clothes to dry. Fast forward to now, I’m looking at them getting drenched from this awesome rain. She did tell me not to touch them.

I’m currently working in front of the window so I can see when she finally takes them. Maybe I’ll give her a wave.

Update: She finally took them some time ago and asked me why I didn’t bring them in. I reminded her of our past conversation and she called me a childish f**ker.

5. Won’t Stop Calling? Be My Guest

From Redditor u/StereoOnCookingBacon:

… Back in the day, we moved into a new town and on the first night discovered that the phone company gave us the phone number of a Chinese restaurant that had closed six months earlier. Literally dozens of times each Friday and Saturday night, our phone rang from people who had the old menus (back when there were paper menus.)

I figured if I just told everyone they closed, it would only be a couple weeks before the calls stopped. [Narrator: The calls continued for months.] This is how the calls went:

Me, every time I answered the phone: “Hi, China Blossom closed. Wrong number.”

Eight out of 10 callers: “Oh, sorry. Bye.”

10% of callers: “What? Why did they close? When did that happen? Do you know another good Chinese place? They really closed? Huh, they were real good. So did they convert the restaurant to apartments or something? What’s that like?” (Note: I was not living in an abandoned Chinese restaurant; I just had their old number.)

But the other 10%, oh that other 10%…

Hangry Jerk: “No, they did not close.”

Me: “Yes, sorry, they closed.”

Hangry Jerk: “No, I just drove by today. You’re open. Cut it out and take my order.”

Me: “They closed. Bye.” (Hangs up)

Hangry Jerk calls back and I answer because… I needed to answer my phone and this was before you could screen calls. 

Me: “Seriously, stop calling, they closed.”

Hangry Jerk: “Just f**king take my order. I know you’re open.”

[Cue malicious compliance.]

Me: “Sure, What can I get you?”

HJ: (Orders)

Me: “You want fried rice with that? Okay, 45 minutes.”

Forty-five minutes later when the person is sitting in an empty parking lot outside a closed restaurant, the phone rings.

HJ: “What the f**k? There’s no lights on! The door is locked! Where’s my food?!?”

Me: “I told you they closed.” click

6. No Time Off? Think Again

From Redditor u/wbjohn:

My mother passed several years ago and this is one of her best stories. She worked as the head of the transcription department of a government agency. Whenever she would ask for time off, her boss would refuse. This went on for years and her leave just accrued. 

[Cue malicious compliance.]

One day when she was about to turn 63 years old she walks into her boss’s office and tells him she is giving him two years’ notice that she will be retiring. He is very confused as to why she is giving so much notice. Then she informed him she will be on vacation for the rest of her employment as she has two years of leave accrued and walks out the door.

7. Can’t Do Anything About It? Well, I Tried

From Redditor u/No_Sweet4190:

My dad was a tire builder and union organizer in Detroit. At our local bank there was always a sort of conscious condescension by the tellers for blue-collar workers. 

My dad was in weekly to deposit his check and take cash for the week. He finished one visit, and turned away and walked a few steps, then turned back to tell her he got the wrong amount of cash. Before he could say a word, she snootily said, “You should have counted before you left my window. I can’t do anything for you now.” 

[Cue malicious compliance.]

He smiled and nodded and walked out with his extra $50. That was a good week for us. As a reference, gas was 19 cents a gallon at the time. 

The next week he went to a different teller and waved casually in response at the former teller’s frantic motions to see her.

8. Call Before 6 AM? You Got It

From Redditor u/JackeySparrow:

My job starts at around 14:00 [2 pm]; usually that means I wake up about 9 in the morning. A few weeks back I woke up at 9 feeling sick and dizzy and throwing up. Went to bed fine the day before. Called work at around 10 and said I couldn’t get in. 

Manager immediately is like: Our policy is to call in sick before 6, so you won’t get your hours. My manager arrives at the building at around 10, so it would have been impossible to call before 6. Anyway, we also have to call daily to let them know if we are going to come in if we are sick. 

[Cue malicious compliance.]

Next morning at about 5 I wake up and call. No answer (duh, no one’s there yet); decide to call manager directly. 

She answers are groggily and is like, “What?!” 

Me: Yeah, wanted to let you know I am still sick. 

Her: Couldn’t you have done that last night? 

Me: Yeah, but I could have been better this morning.

Next day I do the same and the day after too. She then sends me an email explaining how the rules been changed and 10 is now acceptable.

9. Put Your Food In The Bag? If You Insist

From Redditor u/allnamesaretaken467:

About a decade ago, I was in a McDonald’s. I had ordered and paid, and was just waiting for my food near the pick-up counter. In walked a man with a serious case of Main Character Syndrome. He placed his order, then stood directly against the pick-up counter.

Shortly after, my food came out (and yes, they called out my order number). He quickly snatched it up, then looked in the bag and noticed it wasn’t the right food. 

Since there was no chance he could have made a mistake, he started to complain. Yelling that they gave him the wrong food, he insisted they put his food in the bag right away.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

With the joy of someone who doesn’t get paid enough for this sh*t, they gladly obliged. Taking the bag back, they quickly piled all his food right on top of mine. The toxic levels of smug emanating from the man dissipated as the employee turned and handed me the bag.

“I’m sorry, sir. This bag wasn’t your order. It was his [mine]. Your order will be just a few more minutes, as we need to remake it.”

10. Mind My Business? That’ll Be Easy

From Redditor u/HalNicci:

… My [mother-in-law] was pulling in to a parking space at a big blue store and the person parked in the space in front of her was starting to back out of the spot and had left her cart there. So my MIL went to grab it and just use that for her shopping. The woman had left her wallet in the seat of the cart though, so my MIL flagged her down and got her attention. 

The woman immediately starting going off at my MIL, telling her to mind her business and that the cart was fine where it was, so my MIL decided to take her advice. 

[Cue malicious compliance.]

She told the woman, “Fine, I’ll mind my business. Your wallet will be at customer service.” And then walked away. 

By the time the woman registered what she had said, parked again, and went into the store, my MIL had already dropped the wallet off at customer service, where there was a long line, and warned them that she was pretty nasty.

Apparently when the woman went to get her wallet, she started to make threats and was threatening to call the police if anything was missing. The manager told her she would not be doing that, and that it was her own fault she left the wallet in the cart.

11. Do Nothing All Day? Say No More

From Redditor u/Languid_Bot:

When I was a baby, my mother was home full time with me and three siblings under the age of 6. According to my mother, one day my father comes home and is mad because dinner isn’t ready and waiting for him. 

Mom tells him she’s been busy and it’ll be ready soon. Dad says he doesn’t know why she didn’t do it sooner (and here’s his mistake), because it’s not like she’s been doing anything all day but sitting around “babysitting.” Foolish, FOOLISH man. Game on.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

My mother decides she will show him what life is like when she sits around all day “doing nothing.” For the next few days Mom lets the kids run wild. She picks up nothing. She doesn’t tell the kids to pick up anything. She doesn’t stop the kids from getting into anything. 

Mom said she just sat around making sure nobody was doing anything dangerous. She doesn’t clean, do laundry, etc. BUT dinner was waiting! LOL 

After several days of a HOT MESS at home my father couldn’t take it: He apologized and admitted he was wrong. Quite a milestone in our family. Dad was NOT known for admitting he was wrong OR apologizing! Mom 1, Dad 0.

12. Don’t Help Anyone? Sounds Good To Me

From Redditor u/PS4NWFT:

I used to be an assistant golf course superintendent. One day my boss had me spraying chemicals on the fairways.

As I was spraying, some of our employees were having an issue with their machine. I stopped to help them, and my boss pulls up and starts flipping out on me, saying if I’m spraying fairways, that all I need to be doing is spraying fairways. Not anything else. Okay, no problem.

A couple weeks later, the exact same scenario happened. I was spraying and some employees needed help.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

I ignored them and just kept on spraying. Their machine was broken down for nearly half an hour in the middle of the fairway during play before my boss rode around again and saw.

He came up to me livid and was saying that if I’m spraying fairways and I see someone needs help, I need to be able to break off and help them…

I told him I didn’t understand, because two weeks ago he explicitly told me to ONLY spray and reminded him of how he got mad when I did exactly that. He just stared at me for a second and then drove away in his golf cart. He came back a few holes later to apologize and says he did remember telling me that, and from now on I should just use my best judgment. Uh -duh!!!

13. Not Enough Eye Contact? Allow Me To Stare

From Redditor u/Expensive_Theme7023:

I used to work retail in a DVD/CD store… One day an older bloke came in asking about a certain smaller ’80s rock band that I can’t remember. I looked on the computer for him and was able to track down their album names, which of those albums he wanted, located the album in stores around the country, and got his details to enter into the computer for when the albums arrived in store so that we could contact him. He thanked me and said that he was so happy that we could get these albums in for him and left the store.

The next day I get called into the boss’s office because of a customer complaint. It was and is my only ever complaint in any job for the past nine years of working. [The customer] had… complained that while my service was lovely, I didn’t make enough eye contact… When I was using the computer.

Cue malicious compliance: Three days later he came in because he had another band he wanted to order. Luckily I was working. As soon as he walked in, I greeted him with the biggest smile and locked him straight in the eyes. When he asked for if we had any of his band in stock, I typed it into the computer while maintaining direct eye contact. It took me about four tries to find the right keyboard letters as I wasn’t that great at touch typing. He was starting to get annoyed but he didn’t voice it. Then I had to search what store location these albums were at. That took another couple of attempts to type. I turned the computer monitor around to the point it looked like it was going to snap off. I had to move displays from the counter, which took more time, but finally I was able to set it up at such an angle that I could read it off with a quick glance but also still maintain eye contact. At this point he started to squirm and look away, but I was only beginning.

Next was his details and taking his deposit (normally $10). I took me a solid six attempts to enter his details into the system as you had to select each box to type in, and that was hard considering I wasn’t looking. At this point he had gone rather quiet and was looking at his shoes. When he handed me his money I still maintained direct eye contact and even dropped it accidentally out of my hand, which then led me to awkwardly slap around on the counter until my hand found it. Wouldn’t want to break that eye contact looking for a few coins.

After all the typing attempts, it took me an extra 10 minutes to serve him, all because I couldn’t look at what I was doing. To this day I’ve seen him a couple of times but he won’t come to my register, and he doesn’t make eye contact or hides in the aisles until I’m busy with another customer. A shame really; he had such lovely brown eyes.

14. Don’t Tell The Students? Won’t Say A Word

From Redditor u/russian_hacker_1917:

Back in senior year of high school… I had an amazing English teacher. Very engaging and passionate about what he did: a great class to have first period.

Well, the class is all seniors, and it was the end of the year and finals were coming up; you know how that goes. Our school’s schedule for finals was two periods/classes per day for three days.

The administration, wary of senioritis and kids skipping class, warned the teachers that they must hold class on the day of their scheduled final and that they cannot tell the students that they do not need to show up.

[Cue malicious compliance.]

So my teacher, the week before finals gets up in front of the whole class and says, “For our final, we will be watching a movie. Now, the administration has told me that I am not allowed to tell you that you do not have to show up to this final…”

He stares at us and pauses for a few seconds.

“…so I will not do so.”

Needless to say, I got some extra zzz’s that finals week.

15. Wait Until You Finish? Whatever You Say

From Redditor u/I_aim_to_sneeze:

I just got a nosebleed for the first time in a while, and it reminded me of this story…

One day, while I’m in the office, I get a pretty profuse nosebleed. I tried to just plug it up and keep going about my day, but this one was lasting, so I head over to my boss’s desk to let her know I was gonna work the rest of the day from home and take care of my nose.

She’s currently talking with one of my co-workers, and normally I wouldn’t interrupt, but given the circumstances I came up and started with, “Excuse me (boss), sorry to interrupt, bu-“

Without looking up, she cuts me off and says, “You can clearly see I’m in a one-on-one; please be polite and wait for me to finish.”

[Cue malicious compliance.]

All right, you got it. By this time, the tissue I was using to plug my nose was getting redder and redder, and by the time she finally looked up, it wasn’t a pretty sight. She asked me why I didn’t say something sooner, and I just repeated back to her what she had told me. She sheepishly said, “Obviously stuff like this would be an exception…”

I just shrugged and walked back to my desk to get my things.

16. Don’t Like The Salad? Then You Make It

From Redditor u/CheeseLover80:

I have never liked iceberg lettuce, but growing up, that’s what we got. Every time we had a salad, I begged my mom to use less lettuce, and after all my begging sessions, she said, “When you make dinner, you can make it how you like it.” I was probably 5 at the time.

I turn 8, and I am now allowed to use the sharp knives. Mom asks me to make the salad for dinner as I am now old enough to help. 

[Cue malicious compliance.]

I took one leaf of lettuce and chopped it up and then put in about a half pound of cheese, every grape tomato we had, and lots of raw onions. When I put it down on the table, she said it was not a proper salad as there was not enough lettuce. My response was, “Well, Mom, when you make dinner, you can make it how you like it.”

Needless to say I was never asked to do the salad again, but I was satisfied that my family ate it that way because they had been bested.

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