15 people who prove haircuts can completely change one’s look

Here are 15 eye-popping examples of a haircut transforming a person's entire look. Amazing, isn't it?


If you want to make a change in your life, always start off with your hair! 

Believe it or not, a new hairstyle can completely affect the way you look and the way you see yourself, so if you feel like nothing’s going on in your life, don’t even hesitate a bit, just make an appointment with your stylist. And yes, the photos below will definitely serve as inspiration!

1. Perky pixie

If you are fierce enough, go with the pixie cut. Don’t you love the way this hairstyle emphasizes this woman’s cheekbones and eyes?  

2. Little Miss Long Locks

Just take a look at this little girl and her fancy hairstyle. New bob and bangs are never a bad idea. This time, they let the lovely shape of her face show and we think she’s the cutest. 

3. Hot chop

Wow, look at the difference at this one. Buy, buy long locks, hello short hair cut. 

Although this man looks handsome in both photos, the short hair emphasizes his face.  

4. Cut and color

Many times, the color of the hair makes a huge difference as well. The darker shade of hair color along with the neat cut brings out this woman’s stunning eyes. 

5. Bye bye, braid

It takes a lot of effort to have your long hair fresh and shiny at all times, so getting rid of it might be just the right thing to do. This guy definitely looks more stylish without his braid. 

6. Short swoop

Her facial features are highlighted with this cute hairstyle. The way she puts her hair on one side is same yet different in the both pictures. 

7. Sassy style

This is again the perfect example of the ‘same’ hairstyle but significantly shortened on the second photo. Cute, isn’t it?

8. Terrific transformation

Wow, what a difference! It’s incredible what a shave and a cut can do. The hiding behind the hair is in the past.

9. Feat of feet

Many inches of hair off, some highlights, and a wavy style can do magic. 

10. Wonderous wave

This woman is just another example that shoulder-length cut draws attention to the cheekbones and the jawline. So if you think those features of your face are worth showing off go ahead and try this style. 

11. Two sides of the same coin

What a difference! It’s not that men having long hair aren’t attractive, but a change is always a good thing, especially if you rock the same hairstyle for more than 6 years, just like this guy over here. 

12. Curl containment

Long and curly hair does need time for maintenance, so having it cut short can save you a lot of time. She looks way younger. 

13. Dapper ‘do

It was either the hair or the beard for this guy and he chose right. 

14. Lovely long bob

Her new short bob definitely boosted her confidence and we can see that from her lovely smile. Her hair isn’t only shorter but more voluminous too. This is definitely the right hairstyle for people with heart-shaped face. 

15. Focus on features

Having your hair cut this short is definitely brave. Her bangs hide her forehead yet put focus on her eyes. 

Are you ready to treat yourself with one of these lovely hairstyles?