12-year-old Disabled Girl Bitten on Her Face and Scratched by Bullies

We must all take a stand against bullying and root it out before it’s able to grow even more and cause serious damage.


All those stories of young children being bullied on a daily basis makes me wonder if we will ever be able to put a stop on this devastating ‘phenomenon’ that affects so many young lives. 

Is it that the schools fail to detect it and do something about it, or the whole society is unable to cope with so many bullies?

The recent case of 9-year-old Quaden Bayles from Australia who wanted to kill himself because of the bullying he experienced by his peers, made other mothers share their own children’s stories and the struggles they go through every single day. And that’s a good thing, because speaking out loud is the only way to be heard. 

But on the other hand, we see that although the whole world stood behind Quaden, not much really changed, as many other kids are still victims of bullying. 

Kerri Arnold is a mom of 12-year-old Aalyha who suffers from Angelman Syndrome, a rare disorder that causes learning difficulties and speech problems. Sadly, Aalyah’s condition makes her a target of the bullies at her school.

Kerri shared a footage of her girl as she wanted everyone to see what a day at school looks like for Aalyha. 

Aalyha is non-verbal and attends a school in her hometown of Hamilton that caters for children with special needs. 

This past Monday, Kerri was called to school and was told how a boy scratched Aalyha on the face. She rushed to take her and decided to film how distressed her daughter was by the incident. 

Aalyha could barely hold her tears back. Kerri starts the video saying, “Today, at approximately 1:30, I was phoned by her school, and she has been a victim of bullying.”

 “This young boy has scratched her eye, bit the side of her face, scratched her arm, and she’s got scratches on her back.”

The biggest problem with bullying is that its effects on the person experiencing it may be permanent. Many people can never overcome the fear, and most lose their self-confidence even for a lifetime. 

Please take a stand and help raise awareness about what bullying does to the victims.