1-year-old wins argument with his mom using language we don’t understand

He's beyond cute!


Choosing just the right words and making facial expressions which help support your thoughts during an argument is a must if you want to end up a winner. The little boy from the video below doesn’t even know how to speak yet, but he’s determined to prove his mommy wrong, although we all know she’s right when she asks him to sit down instead of standing inside the car.

The one-year-old uses words that we don’t really understand, but judging from his body language and how confident he is in what he “says,” we have to agree he’s going to be awesome at persuading people once he grows older.

Source: Facebook

His mom tells him he’s not allowed to climb on things while in the vehicle, but he doesn’t like what he is hearing and continues presenting his arguments.

Honestly, this sweet little boy is the best thing you’ll see all day so make sure you watch him in the video below.