Woman’s foot has been swollen for years, then she finally pays the doctor a visit to learn why

Her foot was swollen for years, finally she goes to the doctor, and he reveals the horrifying reason.


Very often, we procrastinate and put important things, like regular doctor checkups, off and we only realize the consequences of our actions when it is too late.

A young woman named Cheryl Murray noticed a tiny lump on her foot. However, she didn’t think it was anything serious although it grew to the size of a golf ball over the course of ten years.

Up until that point, she hid the lump from her family, but she eventually showed it to her boyfriend who urged her to visit a doctor. She was hesitant, but he told her she needed to do that.

Once at the hospital, doctors ran a bunch of tests and the results were worrying. The lump turned out to be cancer affecting the connective tissue. The X-rays, a biopsy, and an MRI all indicated Cheryl had sarcoma.

Since Cheryl waited too long before seeking help, it was too late for anything to be done and her leg needed to be amputated to her knee in an attempt to prevent the cancer from spreading further.

“I never ever believed it would be anything severe,” she stated. “I was hysterical, I was so shocked I could not speak. I seemed like I had actually been typed the face two times in one day.”

She’s now sharing her story in an attempt to raise awareness of the importance of visiting a doctor when something doesn’t seem right, even if that’s something we believe is not harmful.

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