KFC employee saves kidnapped woman who slipped him a note begging for help

What a hero! What a story!!


That day was everything but ordinary for a Memphis KFC worker who received a note by a customer which probably helped save her life.

The worker noticed the pair at the restaurant, but nothing spoke trouble until the woman gathered courage to secretly slip the note to the worker. The woman wrote that the man she was with was abusive and held her against her will.

The worker then called the police and told them about the note. Luckily, the man, who was later identified as 23-year-old Diego Glay, was arrested. When police arrived at the scene and approached Glay and his girlfriend, he disobeyed the officers’ instructions and fled the place but was caught after a short chase.

After authorities interviewed the woman, she explained that her boyfriend was armed with a handgun and held her against her will by using verbal threats and beatings. She recalled that when she tried to leave him, he punched her in the face. He also took her phone and wouldn’t return it so that she couldn’t call her family and friends or the police. 

According to the authorities and the affidavit, the couple had been living in “cheap random hotels around the city.”

The suspect, Glay, was taken to the Shelby County jail, where he remains in custody. The judge set his bail at $35,000. 

He is expected to appear in front of a judge for a preliminary hearing on June 1, according to court records.

Had it not been for the KFC worker, this woman’s life could still be in danger.

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