Woman issues warning about Facebook Marketplace following ‘disturbing’ new trend when selling clothes

This is terrifying.


Shopping online has been a growing trend for years and some of the reasons why are that people can buy from the comfort of their home with a few clicks, they can shop anytime, anywhere, making it incredibly convenient for busy lifestyles, and buy many pieces of clothing or whatever they are looking for at reduced, competitive prices.

What’s most, some online shopping platforms utilize algorithms to personalize the shopping experience for each user. This includes tailored product recommendations based on past purchases and browsing history, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

But is this type of shopping always the safest option? Well, it depends on the store and the platform, and according to one woman, the Facebook Marketplace can be a dangerous place to shop.

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After an unsettling experience, Cheyenne Skye of Melbourne, Australia, decided to issue a warning about selling and shopping on Facebook Marketplace.

Namely, Skye She disclosed that she was trying to sell a pair of Doc Martin’s when she got a message from someone less interested in purchasing the shoes and more interested in paying her to do distasteful acts.

Turning to TikTok, this woman shared,  “Turns out you can sell your shoes on Marketplace without actually selling them, and still make money.” She added, “This person messaged me saying ‘Hey this might sound a little strange but if I paid you $50 on the spot would you be able to meet up at a park or something and let me lick the soles of the boots? Totally weird but I will genuinely pay you for it.”

@_cheyenneskye_ You can make money from selling shoes on Facebook marketplace without actually selling them? 😅 #shoetok #facebookmarketplace #weird ♬ original sound – Cheyenne

After ignoring his initial message, the man increased his price to $100.

“Exhibit two, ‘It might be a little strange but may I lick your boots when you are wearing them?’” she continued.

According to Skye, this boot sole licking offer wasn’t the only odd encounter she had with people on Facebook Marketplace. One person was willing to pay her money for a photo of her in the bodysuits she was selling on the platform.

Once Skye’s post went viral, other people, mostly women, came forward with their own experiences. One woman shared that when a man came to get the clothing she was selling online, he inquired about her personal undergarments. Similarly, another woman encountered an individual with a peculiar “zipper fetish” while attempting to sell a pair of jeans that didn’t fit. He expressed interest in her other jeans and their zippers, even offering to purchase them all.

Allegedly, he said, “Can you send me a pic of the zip on those if that’s possible? I’m happy to pay what you want if you want more for them.” Realizing she ignored his message, the man sent her a new one with an explanation. “I’m guessing you’re curious about why the zip, I hope there’s no judgment. I love YKK zippers so much on women’s jeans. I hope that’s alright.” 


The truth is that these selling platforms can be dangerous at times because you have no idea what kind of people you are getting into contact with when trying to sell something or try to purchase an item.

Another woman shared a story of how her privacy was affected after someone hacked her Facebook account and started listing items for sale, asking for the money upfront. The hacker’s also posted the woman’s contact info and her address, so when people who paid for the items and showed up at her house to pick up what they paid for realized they were scammed, they threatened the woman, who was also a victim of the scam.

She spent ‘sleepless’ nights defending her home. “That’s what really scared me. They made a post. People were tagging me and saying, ‘Oh yeah, we’re going to get her.‘”

Experts warn consumers and sellers to be extra cautious and aware of the dangers lurking.

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