Woman enters the barn and spots an unlikely creature napping on her horse’s head

This is cute beyond words and delightfully hilarious at the same time.


Oh, those unusual animal friendships! Have you ever seen anything better and more heartwarming than animals of different kinds hanging around and showing love to one another? I know I haven’t. These scenes aren’t just cute beyond words, but they teach us a lesson of respect that we should all learn and follow.

Nancy is a farm owner from Elk City, Oklahoma, and a huge animal lover. She enjoys being around the sweet creatures, especially the horses. Well, one day, when she went to check them at the horse stable, she came across what might be the sweetest sight ever. One of her horses, Rocky, had a visitor, his feathered friend, Chickaleta.

Now seeing the two hanging together is something common, but what caught Nancy’s attention and what she believed was worth sharing was the resting spot of the chicken.

As it turns out, Chickaleta fell asleep on her friend’s head, and seeing the photo of them made people wonder what animal found it’s comfort with Rocky.

The best part is the ending, when the chicken climbs off the horse’s head and stays next to him. It looks like they are hugging and we are all smiles.

This video is definitely something you don’t want to miss, so make sure you check it out below.