Woman Caught Assaulting Daughter Because Dad Visits Her at School

The 9-year-old got assaulted only because she spoke to her father.


People are left furious after a video of a 36-year-old mother, Angela Armendariz from Texas, assaulting her 9-year-old daughter emerged. The violent woman could be heard cursing and hitting the girl because she let her father visit her at school. Angela and her husband, Jesus Armendariz, are going through a divorce and she doesn’t want him to see the kids so she’s taking it out on the little girl.

Jesus says this wasn’t the first time for Angela to be abusive with the kids. He tried reporting the violence that was going on in the house before but he didn’t have any evidence. Speaking to News West 9 about the incident he says, “The officer recommended me not to look at it because to him it was graphic.” He adds how he believed he was strong enough to proceed, but it was too much for him to handle. 

Currently, Child Protective Services are evaluating how much stress the girl was forced to go through. In the meantime, investigation is ongoing and Jesus got a custody of his daughter while Angela was charged with injury to a child.  

We are so deeply saddened there are people like Angela out there who beat their kids and treat them with disrespect. We honestly hope she will get the punishment she deserves.