What do you see on the photo, a beach or a car door? This question has taken the Internet by storm

What do you see?


Human mind is incredible and works in unique ways. That is why different people perceive same things in a different manner. Most times, the question isn’t whether something is right or wrong, but it’s all about how we see the world around us.

If you want to better understand what I am talking about just think of the time when basically the whole world was divided about the black and blue dress, or should I say it was white and gold?

Well, this time another photo is causing a stir among Internet users. Some people claim what they see on the photo below is a beach during a quiet night and waves lapping at the shore, while others say it’s just a part of a damaged car door. So which group do you belong to? The former or the latter?

Source: Nxyxm/Twitter

Some people say they see both at the same time. But did you know that scientists claim what you see can tell a lot about your character?

Apparently, if you see a beach then you are a creative person with artistic traits, and if you see a car door then you are more practical minded.

Source: Nxyxm/Twitter

Now, for those of you who are creative, sorry to disappoint you but this photo features a damaged car door.

The interesting thing is that the original tweet was retweeted 2,500 times and had a lot of likes and comments like the ones below.

Source: Nxyxm/Twitter

Creative people tend to see things in the ordinary objects. Has it ever happened to you to find incredible shapes in the clouds? If yes, you are a creative soul.

If you liked this optical illusion take a look at some more. These really play games with your brains.

Source: Westcountyeyecare/Instagram

A human skull or a ship? Or maybe both?

Source: Seehlavie_fotodesign/Instagram

Do these two have superpowers? Or your brain is messing with you?

Source: Travelme9/Instagram

Defying gravity? Or the floor on the photo isn’t really what it looks like?

Source: Sometimeskaitdoesmakeup/Instagram

Probably one of my favorite optical illusions, those involving talented artists and some face paint.

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