Waitress calls the cops after an elderly regular customer doesn’t show up for days

She could feel something was wrong.


I have a feeling that as years go by, people become more and more distant, which is probably a result of their hectic schedules. The ongoing pandemic, the lockdowns, and the social distancing only made things worse when it comes to human relations, and that is the reason why the following story brings a ray of hope.

Had it not been for a waitress who cared, a life could be lost.

Source: YouTube/ On Demand News

Doreen Mann, an 87-year-old pensioner from Essex is a regular at Tomassi’s in Southend. She has never missed a Sunday to go there and have a piece of her favorite cake. So when she didn’t show up for a couple of days, it raised red flags for waitress Sonia Congrave, who has been working at the coffee place for over 15 years. She knew Mann lived alone after her husband moved into a care home and worried that something bad could have happened.

In order to be sure nothing was wrong, Congrave called the police and asked them to check on her regular customer.

Source: YouTube/ On Demand News

When they went to Mann’s home, they noticed the front door wasn’t locked. Once they entered, they saw the poor woman stranded in her bathtub. It was October 10, and she was there since October 7. Her knees were bruised from trying to get out.

Mann managed to stay hydrated by drinking tap water and kept herself warm by refiling the bath with warm water. She also had some towels nearby.

She explained that she entered the bath and could no longer feel her legs all of a sudden.

Source: YouTube/ On Demand News

Luckily, she was now safe all thanks to Congrave.

“And I just think it would be nice for us all to just take a bit a bit time out and remember your neighbors or remember the lady down the road you haven’t seen for a few days. Just give a knock or a phone call and just say ‘Are you alright?’” Congrave told On Demand News.

Mann was very happy and extremely grateful for the care Congrave and the rest of the staff at Tomassi showed. “I do not know what I would do without Sonia and the rest of them because it is my second home, they are my second family,” she told The Sun.

Source: YouTube/ On Demand News

The truth is that there are a huge number of elderly people who live alone and without anyone by their side to step up in times of need. That is why we should always pay attention and react if we don’t see or hear from them often.

For more on the story go to the video below.