Two police horses crash socially-distant outdoor salsa class and stun everyone with their moves

Who doesn't love watching and practicing some good dancing?


Who doesn’t love watching and practicing some good dancing? Moving your body in the rhythm of the music can feel liberating. But guess what? This isn’t only true for humans, but animals as well. And now, if you think you’ve seen some great animal dancers before, wait until you see these two horses joining in a salsa dance class.

Posted by Fiek Vdh on Thursday, 28 May 2020

The video that is making people from all over the world laugh was taken in The Hague, The Netherlands while dance instructor Fiek Vanderharst was having a demo lesson at the Zuiderpark park with the students.

Among the rest of the onlookers who found the dancing fun and enjoyable to watch were two officers on horseback who were patrolling the area at the time.

“Last night I did a salsa lesson in the Zuiderpark The Hague,” Vanderharst wrote on Facebook. “Two police officers on horse came by and decided to join a dance! Great and what an enthusiasm.”

Posted by Fiek Vdh on Thursday, 28 May 2020

Believe it or not, the officers, but especially the horses, loved the music and soon danced together with the group.

The cute video was taken by one of the bystanders, Bob Bogaard, and turned into a huge Internet hit. Of course, this doesn’t really come as a surprise because we don’t get to see horses practicing salsa every day, or ever.

Source: Screenshot via Fiek Vdh/Facebook

The video was later shared on Vanderharst’s page and on the Dutch journalist Martijn Mastenbroek’s Twitter account and ended up on Reddit.

Some of the people who have seen it weren’t really fond of the officers having fun around, especially with all the protest against police brutality taking place all over the States and other countries, but not all officers are the same, right?

One user explained how the horses got into the rhythm so well writing, “These horses are dressage horses! They’re trained to do this, and probably think this is a blast….my old trainer helped start Dutch police horses, and they start them (according to her) in dressage. The basics, like leg yields, backing up, etc.” So it looks like not any random horse can pull such moves after all.

Source: Screenshot via Fiek Vdh/Facebook

Vanderharst enjoyed the attention and was glad millions of people have seen and loved her video. She took to Facebook to thank everyone, writing, “One week ago I posted a video of me and my friends to which we danced salsa, with company of two police officers on horseback. A special and unique situation, which especially gave and radiated lots of fun. A positive vibe, in this (still) weird time. I asked y’all to share the video and this was done massively. Now we are one week further and the video has continued all of Europe and even out there like America. Multiple media platforms were interested in this video. Bizarre and incredibly amazing. I want to thank you for sharing, because of you this video went viral. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!”

Source: Screenshot via Fiek Vdh/Facebook

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