Twin girls have different skin color, teacher accuses mom of lying about them being sisters

At birth, Marcia and Millie Biggs looked similar. Now, most people are shocked to learn that they're twins.


Diversity is what makes this world beautiful. And these two girls are here to teach us that race is just a social construct.

Amanda and Michael Biggs are an interracial couple from Birmingham, UK. When they learned they are having twins they were over the moon. And then in July 2006, Marcia and Millie were welcomed into this world.

The girls were cute and resembled one another. But it was like that during the first days of their lives only. As time passed by, the parents noticed how Millie’s skin started getting darker. They believed the same would happen to Marcia, but they were wrong. Instead, Marcia’s skin got lighter and lighter.

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The parents soon realized their twin girls had different skin color from one another. Of course, they didn’t care, but were a bit concerned about how others would react seeing them being of different race. They knew people can be judgmental, and didn’t want their daughters to get stared at while growing up.

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This skin changing phenomenon is very rare and occurs in one in a million twin births. It doesn’t have any negative effects on the baby’s health.

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When the girls were out with their parents many people stared at them, but the parents say that they have never really experienced someone to be hostile towards them. To their surprise, most people showed understanding, they were just curious how could twins be of different race.

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When they started school, their teachers and classmates were stunned to learn the girls were twins, but Millie and Marcia say they have never experienced racism.

Their father on the other hand says he has experienced racism in the past and is glad the times have changed now and people are more accepting than before.

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The twins aren’t just different in appearance, but in character as well. Millie is a typical girl, whereas Marcia loves dressing like a tomboy and she’s a huge fan of gymnastics.

At the age of 11, these lovely girls decided to use their looks to remind the world that racism shouldn’t ever be part of it. They were featured in the cover of the National Geographic.

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Millie and Marcia are now teenagers and are attending the same school. We hope that no matter where the future takes them, they will forever remain best friends.

You can take a look at the video about them below.