Trucker slams the brakes when he spots it on the roadside. Now the police are begging for help

This is heartbreaking


Truck drivers spend a great deal of time behind the wheel and stumble upon many eye-catching sights along the way. Unfortunately, they aren’t always pleasant ones. Recently, a trucker was heading towards Cortland, New York, when he spotted something unusual. A person driving dark blue Dodge Durango threw two dogs out of the vehicle before leaving the spot.

It was the most horrendous act of cruelty this truck driver has ever seen. Neither he, nor us can ever understand how someone can be so cold hearted. Luckily, this kind man pulled his truck over and called the police. One of the canines didn’t suffer any serious injuries, while the other one, unfortunately, had to have one of his legs amputated.

“These animals have been through a lot, and people need to understand that this is not OK,” said Amberly Ondria, a shelter manager at the Broome County Humane Society. “This is not something that should be done.” Adam, the truck driver, feels the same way.

The first responders came at the scene and tried to track the dogs’ owner down, but he or she was already gone and obviously didn’t plan on getting the poor creatures back home. The dogs were later named Trooper and Adam, after the men who first came to their help.

Trooper, the dog who lost a leg and is believed to be between 6 and 8 years old, already feels better. He manages to get around using his three legs.

“Although a bit unsteady, and only moving a short distance, it is very obvious that he is determined,” The Humane Society posted on Facebook. The other dog is thought to be around 1 year old.

“Thank you to EVERYONE for your prayers, kind words, generous donations and sharing this story!” The Humane Society continued. “It is because of all of you that we can get Trooper and Adam the level and quality of care that they need and deserve. Words cannot describe how tremendous people are and how everyone is rallying for these dogs!”

“And Adam [the trucker] has expressed his wishes of adopting both of them. He has already proven he has a big heart and these pups would have an amazing life with him. Please let that happen too.”

The organization is sharing Adam and Trooper’s story in hopes it would reach someone who has information on the neglectful owner. One person wrote, “I sincerely hope the dash cam of Adam’s truck can bring justice for these poor babies.”

The best thing is that Adam, the truck driver, is willing to adopt both the dogs. If that happens, we can rest assured they will have an amazing life ahead of them.