Toddler with Down syndrome featured in ad for Banana Republic’s new baby collection

He's adorable beyond words.


Everyone is beautiful, and it looks like that as years pass by, societies learn how to see that beauty. Until recently, what fashion brands considered attractive and beautiful were skinny models only. Today, however, many other people are hired as models and become the brand face of famous companies.

Victoria Secret featured model with Down syndrome recently, and now another company is doing the same.

In their latest campaign, Banana Republic included a baby boy with Down syndrome. As per FOX 5 NY, a company representative said in a statement: “The BR Baby collection recently launched by Banana Republic was designed with a promise to be more sustainable, more welcoming, and more inclusive.”

The statement further read: “We want to celebrate diversity in all forms and in the casting for BR Baby we saw a perfect moment to move this forward. We were thrilled to give this beautiful, loving human his first modeling job.” 

This is definitely a positive example of inclusion. We honestly hope that more and more companies would do the same in the future.

The founder and president of Changing the Face of Beauty, Katie Driscoll, praised the company for making a change. “So often our community is overlooked when diversity is being considered, fact is the disability community is the largest minority in the world and one in 5 families know or love someone with a disability. Being seen in the world we live in is vital to our future.”

One thing is certain, this season’s Banana Republic‘s ad has to be one of the cutest there are.