Tiny Yorkshire spends entire life in a box – now watch as vets release him

This is the story of Cesar, a tiny Yorkshire who spent most of his life in a dark, filthy box at a puppy mill.


Being homeless is a heartache. Sadly, this isn’t only true for the people who lack a roof over their head, but for the animals who are forced to fend for themselves and spend their days on the streets, too.

The good thing is that a lot of street dogs find a loving home eventually, but most spend their entire lives as homeless and without experiencing love.

The former usually get a second chance all thanks to the animal lovers who dedicate their days at saving animals in need.

If it wasn’t for these people, who are mainly volunteers working without getting paid but simply because of their love for animals, many strays and neglected pets would end up euthanized.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ Viktor Larkhill

This is the story of Cesar, a tiny Yorkshire who spent most, if not all his life, in a dark, filthy box at a puppy mill. His movements were restricted to only a few meters and we are devastated to hear that he had never had the chance to run around, waging his tail.

Even though there isn’t enough information about Cesar’s life, it’s not hard to see that he didn’t have it easy. His appearance was enough evidence that the poor dog suffered and was severely neglected.

Luckily, local authorities were alerted of Cesar’s situation and they managed to rescue him. Once the dog was in safe hands, they took him to the vet, who couldn’t believe the dog could look that bad.

His fur was in a desperate condition. Covered in dirty, matted hair for so long, and his body riddled with infection, he had to be treated with lots of medications.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ Viktor Larkhill

But today, after everything he’d been through, Cesar is a happy dog that found a forever home. A lovely couple who heard his story were determined to welcome him in their home and give him all the love he deserved. As for the rescuers who gave him his freedom, you are the best, and we can never thank you enough for everything you do for the animals in need.