Three people die in murder-suicide after an argument over snow shoveling in Pennsylvania

Rest in peace.


15-year-old boy with autism was left orphaned after his mom and dad were shot dead by their neighbor who later ended his own life.

Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker said the murder-suicide took place on Monday, February 1, around 9 a.m., following a dispute between the shooter, Jeffrey Spaide, and neighbors Lisa and James Goy, according to CNN.

It has been reported that Spaide had been shoveling the snow from his driveway and the Goys were doing the same in front of their own home across the road. Spaide then asked the couple to stop and the argument escalated quickly, after which Spaide entered his home, took a gun and injured Lisa and James firing multiple shots “at a close range.”

But he didn’t stop there. He entered his home again, pulled out an AR-style rifle, and executed the couple. Binker told CNN how this wasn’t the first time for the shooter and the Goys to argue over snow shoveling, although the matter had never been brought up to the police.

Upon arrival at the murder scene, police heard another shot coming from Spaide’s home. After murdering his neighbors, he killed himself.

Binker said that Spaide didn’t have problems with the law or the police in the past.

As for the son of the Goys, his grandparents will assume custody.

We are so very sorry these people’s lives were lost in vain. Rest in peace.