Three firefighters from the same fire station celebrate becoming dads within 24 hours

They hope their sons would end up becoming friends just like their dads.


There was a triple reason for celebration at the Fredericksburg, Virginia, fire station after three fellow firefighters all became fathers within 24 hours.

When they shared with each other that their wives were expecting babies, the three joked that it would be awesome if their sons were born on the same day, but they never imagined that it could turn into reality.

The babies were all born at the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.

“All of our doctors use Spotsylvania Regional and the nursing staff have been extremely pleasant, passionate and caring,” Kyle Dean, one of the new dads said.

“The staff truly make you feel like they care. From everyone that enters the room, from the cleaning staff, nurses, NICU, et cetera.”

Michael Irive, one of the dads said that when his wife went into labor and he took her to the hospital, he told the nurses: “Just a heads up — two of my guys are coming as well.” The dads then ended up with the nickname from the nursing staff as the fab three!

The proud fathers posed with their bundles of joy and said they hope the little ones would end up being friends. They also said that once their sons are a bit older, they would take them to Fort Belvoir Fire and Emergency Services at Fort Belvoir Army Base, where they work, so that the boys can hang out together.

Kyle, who has “handful” of kids gave his colleagues advice and told them: “Definitely take advantage of it and don’t blink because it goes by fast.”

Michael, on the other hand, added: “The biggest thing is to be present as much as you can, (especially) with our schedule – because like Kyle Frederick says it goes by in a flash. They grow up so quickly so be there as much as you can and enjoy the moments.”

Congratulations on the additions to your families.