This is what your favorite color says about your personality

This is what your favorite color says about your personality...


Psychologists believe that your favorite color has a lot to do with your personality.

The color you love may show what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as what your relationship with other people is.

If you have a favorite color, read the text below and learn more about what it says about you and your emotions.

Color Purple

If your favorite color is purple you are someone who relies on your intuition. Trusting in it has proven to be the right thing to do on many occasions so you simple listen to it.

You are a person with a great heart who tends to offer help to those in need. At the same time, you are a perfectionist who longs for emotional stability. An incredible observes who won’t let anything slip through your fingers.

Others see you as a visionary who possesses the ability to attract people with their bursting charisma.

You are unique in everything you do and never care about fitting in because your creative spirit encourages you to do things your own way.

Color Black

Black may not be the the most captivating color, but it represents confidence and purpose thus those who consider it their favorite color are leaders and want to have control over their life.

Your nature is independent, strong, and sophisticated. You tend to keep your life private and only let those who you really trust to get a glance at your privacy. You are able to share your point of view with conviction and authority and have self-control to a level that you are sometimes perceived as intimidating.

You are above average, polite, well-spoken, and conventional.

Color Red

You are someone with plenty of drive and determination. You are never afraid to take risks and be in charge.

Having red as your favorite color means you are passionate, outgoing, assertive, and prone to impulsive actions. You have a fiery demeanor and will stop at nothing to fulfill your goals. Sometimes, the lovers of red are perceived as hot-headed and someone who have a short fuse, but overall, they are positive, loving people.

Color Pink

For the lovers of pink, it’s all about love!

You are compassionate and sympathetic, and those who know you know they will always have a shoulder they can cry on. You have a generous heart and often put other people’s need before your own. Your caring and encouraging demeanor nurtures your longtime friendships with those around you.

The saying about looking at life through pink-glasses sums up your perspective about your surrounding and the people in your life.

The lovers of pink wear their heart on their sleeve and are delicate and sensitive human beings.

Color White

Lovers of the white color are considered well-organized, independent, and logical.

You are reserved in nature, but have high expectations of yourself and those around you. You never overstep boundaries and the need for mental clarity guides your actions and the way you see life. When you are faced with disappointment, you don’t always deal well, but your ability to show control over your life and the things that happen to you make for your true feelings.

Color Orange

You love being accepted and being part of the group. Your social life is of great importance to you and you are a huge lover of social gatherings and being around people.

You are fun to be around and live in the moment.

As a lover of orange, you are a problem-solver who loves to inspire people and make them feel good by channeling your positive energy to those around you.

You don’t shy away from challenges but you can also be irresponsible at times.

Overall, the lovers of orange are considered warm, friendly, and inviting.

Color Blue

The blue color is mostly associated with the water and the sky, and as such, it evokes feelings of relaxation and tranquility and those individuals who gravitate toward such feelings are considered empathetic, honest, reliable, and problem solvers.

If the blue color attracts you, that means you are mindful and heart-led. At the same time, you are more spiritual and you possess artistic aptitude.

You generally have conservative convictions and tend to retreat to peaceful environments in stressful times. You nurture your relationships with others and highly value your close group of family and friends.

When you are faced with chaotic situations, you keep yourself grounded and keep order. Being a fan of fair-play, you are a respected individual and considered trustworthy, friendly, and engaging.

Color Green

Moral, reputable, and sensitive, the lovers of green are mostly led by emotions. These people are perceived as loyal and supportive, which is why they make great friends.

You are a lively, down-to-earth person who strives for harmony and someone who loves to feel accepted.

Green is typically associated with health and balance and those who love it as a color are highly intelligent and perfectionists.

You have a very special and unique connection to nature and love being outdoors, and at the same time, you strive for balance and avoid chaos at all cost.

You have a great knack for seeing the big picture and understanding multiple perspectives and points of view.

Others admire your clarity and your ability to see the big picture.

Green is the color associated with prosperity and financial success.

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