The wedding is the day two people commit to each other and this wedding was unique

They were in front of the altar, when the groom interrupted the wedding, saying that he loves someone else. The bride has... "My love, …"! "She" was right there! Everyone was speechless when they saw what the man did.


The day two people say ‘I do’ is the day they commit to one another and dream of a future together.

The wedding ceremony of a Portuguese couple, Jefferson and Jennifer, was a truly unique one. As the couple was about to say their vows, Jefferson interrupted the ceremony. The guests kept wondering what was going on, and Jennifer got confused as well. Would this be one of those wedding when one person decides they don’t want to proceed with the ceremony. Would she be left at the alter?

No, it wasn’t why Jefferson asked for a little break. As he asked from the priest to stop for a while, he had something else on mind.

As everyone was early waiting for his next move, Jefferson turned to his future wife’s daughter, Giovanna, a beautiful 8-year-old girl, and told her he loved her as if she was his own daughter.

“I extend to you my affection. I won’t fail you; I’ll look out for you, keep you safe, and never let you down,” he told Giovanna, who was carefully listening to the words her new dad uttered.

She was so touched that she took the microphone and thanked Jefferson for the love he held for her and her mommy.

Those witnessing the heart-warming moment couldn’t stop tears of joy running down their faces.

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