The mysterious staff shortage: Is finding a job really that easy?

Guy applies to 60 places that said they were hiring, only gets 1 interview, shares how something doesn’t add up (link in the comments).


The shortage of workers has become an issue many business, particularly in the United States, face. This lack of staff is especially pronounced in sectors that rely heavily on hourly workers, such as hospitality, construction, and retail.

Sadly, this triggers additional problems for the businesses including operational disruptions, reduced hours of service, and increased pressure on existing staff.

However, despite all this, it is pretty hard for people to find job.

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A man named Joey Holz decided to investigate the reason why business lack employees, yet plenty of people are still jobless. During the month of September of last year, Holz applied for two jobs a day. The outcome was something he didn’t expect. Out of 60 job applications, he received only 16 email responses, 4 phone calls, and just 1 interview offer. These findings suggest that the much-publicized labor shortage might not be as acute as companies assert.

Further, this revelation provided notable insights. A construction company that initially offered him a full-time job at $10 per hour attempted to start him at Florida’s minimum wage of $8.65 shortly after. Sadly, these inconsistencies and challenges that job seekers encounter regarding fair pay and employer expectations lead to the current issues the market faces.

As his experiment and the results he came up with gathered the attention of the social media users, he invited them to share their own experiences.

With additional data gathered, Holz hopes to offer a more accurate depiction of the current job market and to challenge the belief that “nobody wants to work anymore.”

The truth is that the job market is influenced by various factors and if the businesses recognize the difficulties of job seekers, things may get better for both sides.

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