The father abandoned the child after witnessing his partner’s birthing

The father abandoned the child after witnessing the partner’s childbirth. Full story in comments.


Most couples dream of welcoming a baby in their life once they get married. For some, these things go very smoothly, but others struggle to conceive.

The couple from this story belonged to the latter. Although they did all in their power to have a baby, things didn’t go as planned. So after getting pregnant naturally and experiencing miscarriages both times, they turn to IVF. It was quite a pricey procedure, but they were willing to go to any length for a bundle of joy.

The pregnancy was going well, and nothing spoke of trouble. The baby seemed to be perfectly healthy.

On the day of the delivery, when the cute little girl was welcomed into the world, it was discovered that she had a mild form of limb deformity, with her feet being twisted inwards. The family was told it could be fixed surgically, but the father got very angered that he refused to hold the baby.

But he, his mother, and his sister started arguing with the doctors and went totally hysteric, leaving the baby’s mom in complete shock.

After doctors tried to explain that the girl would be completely normal following the corrective surgery, the father said he wouldn’t be paying for such a thing.

In the next moment, he and his part of the family fled the hospital.

A couple of days later, the woman’s mother called her son-in-law to plead him to reconsider his decision, but she learned that he had discreetly filed for divorce a day after his daughter was born.

We can’t imagine that there are people like this father who run away the moment the first obstacle comes on the way.

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