Jodie Foster hid the truth about herself from the public for over 35 years


Despite the fact that she grew up in front of the eyes of her audience, the private life of actress Jodie Foster has always been hidden from the public.

Her successful career in film, which started when she was still just a child, spans many years during which she landed plenty of iconic roles. She had her big breakthrough when she was only 12 years old and played a child prostitute in Martin Scorsese’s 1976 film, Taxi Driver.

Foster has won two Academy Awards as well as three Golden Globes. At the 70th Golden Globe Awards in 2013, she received the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Award for her “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.”

Besides being a famous actress and a director, The Silence of the Lambs star is also a mother of two.


Over the years, there were plenty of speculations regarding Foster’s sexuality and people couldn’t help but wonder who she had her sons with.

It took Foster many years to reveal the truth about herself, or to be precise, it took 35 years from the interview she gave as a 17-year-old teenager who was asked about her preference of man to reveal that she was in fact attracted to women.

During the interview in question, Foster was supposed to give an answer to the question “What kinda fellas do you like?” She didn’t lose her composure, but it was her facial expressions that made people question whether she was even into men at all.


The truth was that she was afraid for her career. She was waiting for the right time to open up about her sexuality and she decided that her 2013 award acceptance speech was the perfect moment. As she took the stage, Foster said, “I hope you’re not disappointed that there won’t be a big coming-out speech tonight, because I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the Stone Age.”

She then continued, saying, “While I’m here being all confessional, I guess I just have just a sudden urge to say something that I’ve never really been able to air in public.”

Foster revealed that she was dating producer Sidney Bernard from 1993 to 2008 and she had both her sons, Kit and Charlie, with her.

Listening to her talking about her private life didn’t leave a single dry eye in the audience.


In 2014, after a year of dating, Foster married photographer Alexandra Hedison who used to be an actress but didn’t think it was the right career choice for her.

Hedison used to date Ellen DeGeneres. They were a couple from 2000 to 2004 and even considered adopting a child together, but split shortly after.

Foster and Hedison are rarely seen together in public. In fact, the two have just a few red carpet appearances together, with their most recent one at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.


When Foster won Golden Globe for her performance in The Mauritanian, she gave her acceptance speech from home via a video and with Hedison right by her side. “I love my wife, thank you, Alex!” she said as she kissed her wife.

We are so happy Jodie Foster now lives her life as her true self.

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Wisconsin school bans Dolly Parton song from class concert


School concerts are something children look forward to. Getting ready for those special events which will have their moms and dads in the audience cheering and crying tears of joy is as exciting as the final performance.

A group of first graders from a Wisconsin elementary school were preparing for their spring concert which was all about the The World so they chose songs related to the theme. Among them were Here Comes the Sun, by The Beatles, What a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong, and Rainbowland by Miley Cyrus.

The song is from the album Younger Now which was released in 2017. Cyrus has often performed this song together with her God-mother, Dolly Parton.


However, as much as many adore the song whose lyrics go “Let’s all dig down deep inside, brush the judgment and fear aside,” the administrators at Heyer Elementary School in Waukesha forbade the students from singing the song, labeling it controversial. Some of the parents reacted to this decision and said it was taken off the program because it promotes LGBTQ acceptance and references rainbows which is something the pride flag bears as well.

Getty Images

Speaking to Fox News, superintendent James Sebert confirmed that the song was removed because it may not be  “appropriate for the age and maturity level of the students,” and because they avoid raising such issues withing the classroom for being controversial.

Melissa Tempel, the students’ teacher, said that the little ones were sad when they were told they couldn’t be singing Cyrus’ song which they love very much. She added that she believes the lyrics are in fact sweet and simple.

“My students were just devastated. They really liked this song and we had already begun singing it,” Tempel said. “These confusing messages about rainbows are ultimately creating a culture that seems unsafe towards queer people,” she added.


School boards in Wisconsin, including the one in question, have become increasingly partisan when the Republicans gained a lot of support and power in the school board races in 2022 and have used their positions to change policies including those for transgender students.

What do you think of this ban?

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6-year-old boy goes missing: When rescuers find him, they notice what’s lying beside him


The realization that one of your children have gone missing is a terrible thought to suddenly have, in fact, it terrifying!

As parents, it’s our first instinct to love and care for our children at all times and no matter what, when they have disappeared like this and you really can’t do anything to change that event, the fear and panic levels shoot right up to the max!

The parents of this six-year-old little Kaydon Leach had these awful feelings when he was missing on the night of April 23, also with him and missing is his dog, Chula!

Officials started looking for him at 7 pm, there were 100 people needed to stretch all through the night to Tuesday, to look for him, when they found the little boy he was not alone!

The Bureau of Investigation for Blount County, Tennessee, issued an alert for an ‘endangered child’ and the rescue teams with performing grid searches through about 2000 acres right through the night!

Given that Kaydon is just six-years-old, fears for his safety were paramount. The large-scale operation to find him included not only the Blount County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a Black Hawk military helicopter and volunteer search parties from the local area, as well as K-9 teams too!

About 22 hours later he was found, believe it or not, half way home at the Top of the World Community in Blount County, around 3:30pm and by the black and white terrier Kaydon had with him, Chula, that turned up to help them!

The County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Jeff French, said:

“The dog actually growled at the rescuers when they approached Kaydon.”

When kaydon was found he was cold and the rescuers wrapped him up in blankets and a jacket, they took him up the mountain to the nearest road, then he was taken to the Blount Memorial Hospital, the family expressed their deepest gratitude to everyone who helped in the search for him.

They said:

“We’re so thankful to everyone, from local law enforcement agencies to volunteers, who helped us find Kaydon. The amount of support we have received has been tremendous, even from people we don’t even know. We appreciate all our friends and neighbors, and ask for privacy at this time.”

We are so pleased it all worked out int the end and the little by was found safe and all be it a little cold, well too! It just goes to show that dogs really our a mans best friend!!

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Michael Douglas opens up about his health battles


Michael Douglas spent most of his childhood accompanying his famous dad Kirk Douglas on movie sets. This made him fall in love with acting and make an impressive career in Hollywood like few actors have.

Today, Douglas, who will be turning 79 this year, can brag with a number of iconic movies under his belt. Among the rest, the Academy Award winning star starred in Wall Street, The Game, and Falling Down. The truth is that the list of films he was part of is so long that it is hard to choose a favorite one.

Asked about the best role he’s played, Douglas told The Guardian in 2023, ”To use a baseball term: I have a pretty good batting average. I can’t say they are all grand-slam home runs, but I have a lot of hits, singles, maybe doubles, a couple of triples.”


However, his rich career isn’t limited to acting only.

In fact, it was the classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest that he produced which brought him his first Oscar. He received another one for best actor in 1988 for playing the sleazy Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.

Over the years, he was considered one of the most attractive celebrities. He and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones make a much-loved couple. However, as he’s reaching certain age, it appears that his health started deteriorating.

His health issues started back in 2010 when he was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Doctors weren’t able to diagnose him until the cancer reached advanced stage. It was a friend’s doctor from Canada who was able to find the root to the oral discomfort he had felt for quite some time.

”I will always remember the look on his face,” Douglas has shared.

”He said: ‘We need a biopsy.’ There was a walnut-size tumour at the base of my tongue that no other doctor had seen.”

Michael Douglas attends the men’s final on day 15 of the French Open 2022 held at Stade Roland Garros on June 5, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

He started intensive treatments almost immediately and the chemotherapy affected his physical appearance. As he was forced to be fed with liquids only for some time, he lost 45 lbs. Thankfully, in 2011, he was told that he was cancer free.

Speaking of the possible reasons that led him to getting cancer, many assumed it was the drinking and the smoking, but Douglas said it was oral sex that caused his cancer, or to be more precise, HPV (human papillomavirus], which is the most common sexually transmitted infection.

”I did worry if the stress caused by my son’s incarceration didn’t help trigger it. But yeah, it’s a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer. And if you have it, cunnilingus is also the best cure for it,” Michael Douglas said.

However, as his words attracted a lot of attention by the public, his spokesman claimed that the actor was walking about HPV in general and wasn’t referring to his diagnosis.

Douglas’ health was sort of affected again when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

“I was quite surprised to realize how much energy I had lost throughout the pandemic,” he said. The reason why was that he was ”much more couch potato–ing.” ”My long-term memory is fine, but short-term… not so much. I’m looking into it,” explained Douglas in an interview with ARRP Magazine in 2021. 

At first, he thought that his short-term memory was affected because of his weed-smoking habits, but now he’s looking for other reasons. ”I used to blame it on pot.  But I’ve got some friends who’ve been smoking as long as I have and have fabulous memories, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’m researching it,” he said.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas attend the “Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania” UK Gala Screening at BFI IMAX Waterloo on February 16, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

We truly hope Michael Douglas won’t be facing any major health issues in the future.

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To encircle his home, a man spends $8300 on 400 feet of plastic


Convenient living is what most of us long for. At the end of the day, no matter how big or small our place of stay is, the comfort and the coziness it offers is what makes it a home, and as such, we need to protect it and keep it safe at all cost.

A man from Texas named Randy Wagner was aware that the hurricane season was coming so he decided to do something about it and protect his property from floods.

The plan he had on mind involved a lot of labor and a lot of money, but he believed it was vital for keeping his home safe.

He built a fence out of plastic around his house that was 400 feet long. For it, he spent $8300.

This sounded crazy and most of his family and neighbors believed it was a waste of time and money and weren’t fond of Randy’s investment, but they were wrong. When the hurricane did hit the country, the barrier was actually able to hold the water back so it didn’t reach his house. This saved Randy from damage that would have cost him up to $150,000 to fix had the water entered his property.

As hurricanes are common at some parts of the States, it is vital that people take precautions.

First, it would be useful to prepare a kit bag that contains all the basic things you would need in case of an emergency such as a flashlight, batteries, some cash, basic first aid supplies and medication. In case there is no safer place to evacuate rather than your home, make sure you have enough food and water for several days without electricity.

Trimming tree branches close to your house ahead of the hurricane season might be a good idea as they can fall when the wind hits and damage properties around. Cleaning any clogged areas in rain gutters is also a must, as getting rid of the debris at such places won’t let any excess water enter your home.

For more on Randy’s investment go to the video below.

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Al Roker will leave the Today Show again due to an upcoming operation


Our favorite weatherman, Al Roker, who has been part of the Today show for more than two decades, faced health issues in late 2022 which forced him to spend some time off work.

With a hospital photo he posted on Instagram, Al informed his fans that he had been hospitalized and receiving treatment after doctors found blood clots in his lungs. He was then released from the hospital but was admitted again, and as a result, he missed the Thanksgiving Parade.

And just as everyone thought he won’t be absent from the show again, he posted about an upcoming surgery, which means he will need to leave the show yet again.

The 68-year-old host, who loves walking, shared that he is about to undergo a knee replacement procedure.

Before the health scare he experienced some months ago, Al often posted about his daily walking routine and the 10,000 steps he walked every single day.

“Yesterday was the #bestdayyet when it comes to my steps on this #bumknee before my #kneereplacementsurgery in late April,” he captioned a photo of his Apple Watch which shows him surpassing his 10K steps, adding, “Thanks to my #starttoday #family for the support!”

His wife of 28 years commented, “Take it slow, darling!”

His fans were quick to comment. “You are an inspiration!! Way to go, Al!!” one person wrote. “Al, you are an inspiration to many of us!! You bring us all joy daily!” another posted. “Al, I will be praying for you and a completely successful surgery and full recovery,” a third added.

We wish Al Roker a successful operation and a speedy recovery.

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Former teen idol Leif Garrett’s life took a horrible downward spiral – this is him now


Leif Garrett stole the hearts of millions of teens when he landed a career as an actor back in the day. He later turned to music and was regarded one of the most famous teenage stars of his time.

When he first appeared on screen, in the film Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1969, which was the sixth highest-grossing film of the year, Garrett was just five years old. His performance, however, was so good that everyone predicted a successful career for him.

Following that role, the sleepy-eyed heartthrob landed a part in the film Walking Tall, along with its two sequels. In 1983 he joined a number of fellow teen sensations, including Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise, in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders.

Other series Garrett took part in, among the rest, are FamilyThe Odd Couple (1974), Wonder Woman (1978) and CHiPs (1979).

Leif Garrett Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

As his career as an actor skyrocketed, he decided to try himself as a musician and was as successful. His first album, Leif Garret, was released in 1977, and it didn’t come as a surprise that it gathered the attention of many. Soon, tours followed, and Garrett felt like he was on top of the world, which wasn’t far from the truth.

”I was on a public appearance tour in Sydney, Australia, and they had to fly me in by helicopter and then I jumped into an armored car and drove into the theater by back door. I’ve tried using a lim there before, but the fans almost tipped it over. I guess it’s an adrenalin push for them. They just freak out. It’s very weird,” Garrett told New York Daily News in 1979.

Flickr / A.Currell

He, however, faced challenges, and one of them was his transition to adulthood, as well as issues with his managers.

“I think I was a good performer from the get-go but I wish they had offered me singing lessons before ever making a record and doing the typical punching in a sentence here or there or words or whatever,” Garret said in an interview.

“There’s a particular track (I Was Looking for Someone to Love) that doesn’t even sound like me at all. I would even possibly say I wasn’t even on that track. And to me, that IS fraud. That’s like a Milli Vanilli situation, the difference being, of course, mine was blended many times with myself and somebody else.”

Flickr / Leo Reynolds

Garrett started using substances and alcohol and that affected his career. He was involved in a car accident which left his friend Ronald Winkler a paraplegic in 1979.

He then started hanging out with famous names, including the members of the band Queen, and the frontman, legendary Freddie Mercury, who showed young Garrett the world of sex, drug, and rock and roll, according to Garrett’s book Idol Truth.

“I don’t think I was a very mature 16-year-old. I became mature very quickly because I was always surrounded by adults who were drinking and doing coke, I was a child, but being treated as an adult… And all of this was coming out of my pocket.”

He continued: “You know, I probably have the greatest fan base that I could ever imagine for myself. They have stuck with me through thick and thin. And as you know, I’ve gotten myself in plenty of bad situations. There was a lot of bad decision-making. But at the same time, I didn’t have the parental guidance that I should have at that time.”

Wikipedia Commons / Toglenn

Garrettgot involved in troubles with the law and dropped in and out of rehab. Then, he was somehow forced to take part in the VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew which he later accused of having him relapse for drama.

In an interview the LA Times, Garrett said: “They asked to get some footage of me using, and I said, ‘I haven’t been using. They said, ‘We really have to get footage of you using.’ Anyway, I was easily talked into showing them.”

Today, Leif Garrett, the once widely adored child star, is 61 and sober.

Leif Garrett arrives at the opening night of ‘Rain- A Tribute To The Beatles’ at the Pantages Theatre on April 12, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Pantages Theatre)

”I had a 90-day sentence in county jail. I was in court-ordered rehab before that, and then my mom visited and told me she had stage IV lung cancer. I said, ‘I’m leaving to take care of her—nobody lives with her.’ So dealing with that, I started using again. So it was like, ‘Cuff him, bring him in,’ and I did the 90 days, and that was it,” he shared with Best Life.

”I’ve kept every photo or letter that a young lady sent, telling me about being on their walls and kissing me good night before they went to bed,” Garrett told Closer. “It’s very surreal and a bit embarrassing, but how flattering! I can’t thank [my fans] enough, because I’m still able to do something I enjoy and get paid for it.”

We are glad Garrett managed to turn his life for the better.

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8 body symptoms you should be aware of


Our body and our mind have the power to send warnings whenever something is wrong with us. Sometimes, we receive those warnings, and other times, we simply ignore them.

Below are some of the symptoms that serve as alerts that we should act and visit a doctor or simply make a drastic change in our lifestyle.

If you ever notice that the color of your skin turns yellow, that can indicate problems with your liver. This happens when the levels of bilirubin in our body are high and it is not able to get rid of them so the skin and the whites of the eyes appear yellowish.

Tiny white dots on the nails may be a sign of lack of zinc, calcium, or protein. Many people don’t even pay attention to these dots because they are unaware they are a warning sign.

At the same time, this condition may refer to physical trauma such as biting your nails or picking at them, or even a fungal infection.

If your lips get cracked, it might be time you start drinking more water and other liquids to keep your body hydrated.

Nail clubbing refers to fingernails or toenails that are curved downward. This isn’t always a cause for alarm because it may be something that runs within the family, but at times, it can be caused because of several reasons, including lung or heart condition or certain cancers. Further, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease or other conditions that cause inflammation in your digestive system can lead to clubbed nails.

Mouth ulcers, or cold sores that appear around or inside the mouth, indicate a weakened immune system. These sores can also be caused because of hormonal changes, emotional stress, and a vitamin B12 or iron deficiency.

White bumps on your eyelids may be a sign of diabetes or very dry skin.

The grey or white ring around your cornea, which is known as arcus senilis, or fat deposits, is typical in the elderly due to their age. However, it may also be a sign of elevated cholesterol levels.

The reddish appearance of the tongue may be a sign of folic acid and vitamin B-12 deficiency.

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