She took a photo of her daughter, but when they looked closer they froze

A mother took this photo of her daughter in the backyard and uploaded it to Facebook. As they saw the picture, friends and relatives gasped in shock: "Don't you see it?!" Here's what they noticed in the picture.


Most parents enjoy taking plenty of photos of their children and posting them on social media, especially when it comes to important events such as first day of school.

A mom named Joy Mills is not any different. When her daughter, Brooke, was about to start seventh grade, Mills decided to celebrate it with a photoshoot. She asked her daughter to pose next to the tree in the yard.

At one moment, she stopped in order to take a look at the photos and that’s when she noticed something that chilled her blood.

On the tree, there was a huge snake stretching along the trunk, perfectly blending with the color of it.

In order not to make sudden movements, Mills didn’t tell her daughter about the uninvited guest but told her to safely get away from the tree.

“When she realized what was behind her she was speechless,” Mills said of her daughter. “We couldn’t believe it when we looked at my phone at the pics and just how close it was and we had no idea.”

Luckily, the snake didn’t do any harm to anyone, and Brooke ended up with a cool story to tell her classmates.

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