Royal expert gives ‘major’ update on Kate Middleton’s surgery, weeks after leaving the hospital

Royal expert gives 'major' update on Kate Middleton's surgery, weeks after leaving the hospital.


It’s been weeks since Kate Middleton’s “planned” abdominal surgery took place but people still can’t get over the fact that the Palace refuses to provide any details regarding the procedure.

For most, the most important thing is that the Princess, who’s become a much loved member of the royalty over the years, is doing fine, but there are also those who are eager to learn why exactly Kate had to undergo the surgery for and if it was more serious than the Palace stated it was.

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Royal expert Richard Eden appeared on the show Palace Confidential and revealed that readers constantly send letters to The Times, asking questions regarding Kate’s procedure.

He dubbed this efforts by the public “bullying.”

“I think that there’s no reason why she should feel bullied into giving more details,” Eden said, per Express. “If she wants to, at a later point, fine, that’s up to her. But, she shouldn’t feel that she has to.

“It’s been ‘She should give more details,’ and ‘Why doesn’t she?’

“And there’s been more pressure, there’s even been letters written to The Times newspaper, saying it would be a great example to other women if she was to be more open about her medical problems and this sort of thing.”

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Around the time Kate had her surgery, the Palace announced that the King would be admitted to the hospital as well.

On January 17, the palace stated the 75-year-old monarch was to be treated for an enlarged prostate.

“In common with thousands of men each year, the King has sought treatment for an enlarged prostate,” the palace said in a statement. “His Majesty’s condition is benign and he will attend hospital next week for a corrective procedure.”

However, while the King provided details about his surgery, Kate didn’t, and royal expert Daniela Elser argues that the Princess made a mistake.

She believes that if Kate spoke more openly she could have helped raise awareness, just like her father-in-law did.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 04: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 24 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME) Catherine, Princess of Wales arrives for visit to the Dog & Duck pub in Soho to hear how it’s preparing for the Coronation Weekend on May 4, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

“The abdomen starts with the liver and ends somewhere colon-ish, meaning that there are umpteen reasons why the princess might currently be laid up and enjoying midmorning tele in a pristine starched white room full of bleepy machines and enough flower arrangements to kit out Westminster Abbey,” Elser wrote for

“No one who is not in the Middleton family chat knows exactly what is troubling the mother-of-three and I can’t help but think that the princess has wasted an enormous opportunity here. Kate could possibly have made a huge difference this month and she has chosen not to.”

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However, besides being a princess, Kate Middleton is also a human being who’s entitled to her privacy.

“She has every right to not have to air her every sniffle, ache, and minor rash with the leering public or is not obligated to have her staff put out a press release every time she might get some light symptoms of IBS,” Elser continued.

“All that has been made known by Kensington Palace about the princess is that whatever is wrong with her is non-cancerous, a detail I’m assuming they only released to prevent mass panic in the aisles of Asda. Tamping down public fears is good and all that but hardly goes much of a ways for such a huge missed opportunity.”

Elser concluded, “The princess has wholly passed up on the chance to raise awareness about whatever might be bedeviling her right now and to possibly also destigmatize whatever illness might be ailing her. Charles, in making me type the word ‘prostate’ far too often, has done the world a great service. So why hasn’t Kate?”

Abdominal surgery expert Shashank Gurjar gave his opinion regarding Kate’s surgery and said that her recovery could take up to nine months.

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Royal expert Michael Cole claims Kate’s surgery was a major one.

“Other members of the Royal Family, like Prince William, will have to step up and do more”, he told GB News.

“Of course, that’s complicated because at the same time, his wife, the Princess of Wales, is suffering also with an undisclosed form of illness. Without any doubt, the surgery she underwent at the London Clinic was no minor matter.”

He continued, “She was in there for 13 nights, 14 days, and we don’t know what’s wrong, but it’s obviously major.”

Asked how Kate’s surgery and King Charles’ cancer diagnosis affected the royal family, he said that “everything has changed.”

“It’s very difficult, and it’s very unfortunate for the king because he waited 70 years to inherit this role, and he started off doing it very well. He’s now got this hiatus, this pushback, but the affairs of state will continue. There’s no doubt of that,” he told GB News.

That Kate is doing well speaks the fact that she was able to travel to Anmer Hall where she would spend some days along with her husband and children.

We wish Princess Kate a speedy recovery.

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