Retiree pays for man’s groceries when his card gets declined, only to realize he’s famous

This is a pretty crazy coincidence!


Paying it forward is what an elderly couple from New Jersey set as their New Year’s resolution some years ago, and they are doing good for random people and strangers ever since. Initially, they felt like they should be offering kindness to military members, but in fact, they step in whenever they notice someone’s down on their luck. 

Since Wawa and Dunkin’ Donuts are the two places Ruth Reed and her husband visit most often, it’s usually there where they pick people’s tabs and pay for them. 

Of all the times Ruth showed kindness to other people, one special encounter that took place at the local Wawa is one she will never forget. This retired elementary school teacher was waiting in line when she noticed the man standing in front of her was short on cash. She then approached and insisted to pay for his items. 

Little did she know she would come face-to-face with one of the biggest stars in country music, Keith Urban. 

She could say he looked like the musician, but couldn’t believe her ears when he introduced himself and said he was in fact him. She wasn’t certain if he was telling the truth or not, but she then noticed his bodyguards and “fell apart.” 

Speaking of the encounter, Ruth said how Keith was very nice to her and everyone around and agreed to pose for a picture. 

This kind teacher had no idea she would become sort of a celebrity herself. Many media outlets picked her story and she only agreed to appear on TV because she believes her experience would inspire other people to follow her example of paying it forward.