Rescuers fail to save 200 horses stranded on small land – then 7 women come up with an unexpected plan

Then they had an idea.


This story is about quite an unusual rescue mission which took place back in 2006 when a herd of 200 horses got stuck on a small land covered with mud. The poor creatures found themselves in this desperate situation after a storm caused the water levels to rise. It looked like the odds of saving the horses were very low because they weren’t only trapped but also scared.

Source: YouTube/ Armelle Alfreedom

The story quickly went viral and media from all around the world covered it, with millions of people waiting in anticipation for a positive outcome. The horses spent three long days unable to free themselves. The rescue groups, among which firefighters and welfare workers, failed to save them either. As a result, 19 of them didn’t make it. And although rescuers were able to provide the creatures with food and water, they couldn’t make them move.

Every plan authorities came up with failed. But then, they thought of a brilliant idea. This was the last chance of getting the animals out of that muddy land. And thankfully, it worked just perfectly.

Source: YouTube/ Armelle Alfreedom

A group of seven female riders and their horses rode into the shallow waters, hoping for the rest of the horses to start following them. If you wonder why would they do it, it’s because it’s in horses nature to move into herds, so seeing some of them getting through the mud and water would hopefully make them do it too.

Take a look at how this awesome plan worked and how the horses made it on the other side of the water safe and sound.

This rescue doesn’t cease to amaze us even after so many years. It’s surely worth watching. Check it out below.