Rescue Pit Bull singles out boy with cancer and runs over to him

It was just one of those moments where Laddy knew where to put himself to bring some joy to someone in need.


Pit Bulls are most undervalued animals. They have a reputation of being aggressive, but that’s far from reality. This breed is so sympathetic, loyal, and caring, that they used to be considered nanny dogs and were often left to keep an eye on young children. Over the years, however, they started being used in fights which led for them to be dubbed hostile.

Aladdin is a very special Pit Bull who seems to posses power to sense when someone’s feeling down. This dog had a very tough life. Someone starved him so much in the past that he lost 12 of his teeth and experienced severe orthopedic issues which left him with permanently damaged knees, and as a result, Laddy, as his new mom calls him, can’t bend his legs. Despite all that, he is always there for everyone in need of a friend and some love.

Source: YouTube/ The DoDo

After Michele Schaffer adopted Aladdin, she realized he could be a great therapy dog, and she was right. Shortly after he became a therapy dog, Aladdin received an award from the American Humane Association for the work well done.

Schaffer shared that one time, as she and Laddy were among a group of people and he got petted, he suddenly jumped and headed towards a young boy. As it turned out, the little guy had brain cancer, and Laddy could sense that.

Aladdin’s life story is so worth sharing because he’s a proof that no matter how hard things get, we should always find a reason to live for and be there for those who go through struggles.

Make sure you watch the entire video. It’s going to melt your heart.