Rare white moose spotted taking a dip in a pond in Sweden

What a majestic creature!


Planet Earth is the home of around 8.7 million species, and humans have only managed to identify 1.6 million of them. All of these creatures who inhabit this world are special in their own way. However, some are a bit more exceptional than others, just like the white moose captured on a video in Sweden.

It is believed that this part of the Scandinavian country is a home to around 100 moose of this kind. And although one would assume their pure white color is a result of albinism, the reality is that these unique creatures lack a gene, one known as the Armstrong White Gene Strain.

YouTube: The Dodo

The video was taken in the Southwest Sweden in the Värmland region by explorer Hans Nilsson who said he had been waiting for such encounter for many years.

The gorgeous animal is seen taking a dip in a pond and then munching on some three leaves.

Speaking to Sweden’s Sveriges Radio, Nilsson described the experience “as great as seeing a leopard in Africa.” Knowing leopards are endangered species and are rarely spotted by humans nowadays, we do understand how special this encounter was for Nilsson, as well as to those who have seen his footage.

If you are interested to see how a white moose looks like, check the video below.