Princess Anne’s concussion and memory loss has left daughter ‘shaken’

Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Tindall, is said to be "shaken to the core" after her mother's recent accident, which has left her with memory loss... What she has to say about her mother is just heartbreaking. Send all your prayers...


Following an incident at the Gatcombe Park estate in southwest England, 73-year-old Princess Anne had sustained minor injuries and a concussion, the Palace reports.

Her medical team noted that her head injuries matched the impact from a horse’s head or legs. This incident caused Anne to experience temporary memory loss.

“For the last several years, Zara Tindall has been worried that the palace has been relying too heavily on her septuagenarian mother,” Christopher Andersen, author of The King, shared with Fox News.

“She has a point,” the author added. “Princess Anne is routinely described as the hardest-working royal, racking up 457 engagements last year alone. She has always been fondly thought of as inexhaustible — even invincible. When Zara saw her mother lying in a hospital bed suffering from a severe concussion and memory loss, she was understandably shaken.”

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Andersen pointed out the ongoing challenges faced by the royal family, stating, “With both King Charles and Princess Kate battling cancer at the same time, it’s hard to escape the feeling that the royal family is falling apart physically. Princess Anne’s injury only underscores that perception.

“This means that more and more responsibility will fall on Prince William’s shoulders and Queen Camilla’s. Keep in mind that the queen turns 77 next week, and King Charles is justifiably concerned about the toll all this stress is taking on her health as well,” he added.

“Only so many shoes can drop before the institution of the monarchy itself begins to look awfully shaky,” Andersen continued.

Following Princess Anne’s incident, the Palace was quick to update the information regarding her schedule, writing, “The diary on @RoyalFamily website has been updated to remove Princess Anne’s engagement next week, as she is still recovering from her accident last month,” as reported by Gert’s Royals.

Anne is expected to visit the NLV Pharos ship off the west coast of Scotland as Patron of the Northern Lighthouse Board on July 15 and 16.

The incident involving her left her daughter “shaken to the core,” a source told OK! Magazine, and added: “She’s desperately hoping this memory [loss] is temporary. This has been a huge wake-up call for everyone in the family, and they’re rightfully distressed.”


“Princess Anne is quite stalwart and will be resolute in returning to work as soon as she can whilst taking the advice at the same time of her medical team,” royal expert Ian Pelham Turner told Fox News. “It certainly has caused issues for the royal family as Anne has a daunting record in the number of events she attends each year. It’s just another headache for King Charles trying to create his version of a slimmed-down monarchy, whilst covering all the diary events each year.”

The Princess was discharged from the hospital June 28 and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, provided an update on her condition.

“She is recovering well, thank you. We are both profoundly grateful to the medical team and hospital support staff for their expert care — and to the emergency services who were all so wonderful at the scene.”

He added, “We are both deeply touched by all the kind messages we have received from so many people near and far. It means a great deal.”

Anne’s recent accident adds to the health challenges facing the royal family, who are also managing King Charles and Kate Middleton’s cancer treatments.

Anne continues to be highly regarded in equestrian circles. She participated in Trooping the Colour on June 15, riding alongside William and Prince Edward. A widely shared video on X captured her skilled handling of her horse during the military parade in London, showcasing her expertise as an equestrian.

We pray for a full and speedy recovery.

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