Prince William has taken children to school every day since Kate’s surgery – he’s become a ‘modern man,’ expert says

Prince William has taken children to school every day since Kate’s surgery – he’s become a ‘modern man,’ expert says.


Prince William has got a lot on his plate recently and it seems like he’s carrying all the weight regarding the running of the monarchy on his shoulders. Following his wife’s surgery, which is still surrounded by plenty of controversies and speculations, he’s been fulfilling royal duties while taking care of the children, of course with the help of their long-time nanny.

William is said to be taking Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to school every day, something that was done by Kate until her surgery which required a two-week long hospital stay.

Experts say William turned into a ‘modern man,’ and that’s not far from the truth.

“The kids are always at the centre of their universe, and that will continue to be the case. They want to make sure they have as much normality as possible going forwards,” a royal source told the Times in January.

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Reports are that King Charles, who battling his own battle against cancer, is very supportive of William’s decision to prioritize his children during his wife’s recovery.

“Charles always put duty first because that’s what his mother did,” royal author Ingrid Seward said on Hello! Magazine’s A Right Royal Podcast. “And that’s what Diana decided she wouldn’t do. I think Charles has encouraged William to spend more time with the family and also said to William, ‘I don’t want you to take on any royal duties until you absolutely have to’ because you remember we criticized William the work-shy?”

Seward added, “And that was his father very much saying, ‘You don’t have to do this, be with your young family. Enjoy it while you can. You’ve got years and years and years of royal duties to do.’”

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According to Hello! Magazine, Prince William is still responsible for all the school runs. The magazine reports that he has “been determined to make his family a priority, now more than ever, and is fitting in royal visits and engagements around the school day.”

While both William and Kate have been quiet regarding her surgery and recovery, a photo of Kate emerged online after it was first published by the American media outlet TMZ. No British paper picked up the photo in an attempt to show respect for the Princess’ privacy, but the photo circulates online and it’s not hard to see it.

“There are pap picture of the Princess of Wales. We are not running them out of respect for her privacy whilst she recovers from her operation in the timescale we were given for it,” Chris Ship, ITV’s royal editor, wrote on X. “As far as I know, no other UK broadcaster or newspaper has published the photos either.”

Some claimed that the photo was staged, but royal experts believe that it was Kate’s attempt to show the public that she was in deed doing well as the Palace claims, she would be posing in front of the car, not inside and on the passenger seat.

“Was Kensington Palace and William’s Kate blackout a gross miscalculation? In an age where the public demands greater accountability and transparency, was this plan always going to come to grief?” royal expert Daniela Elser asked in a column for “How much privacy and space does a future Queen get, need, or deserve?”

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She concluded her column with an analysis of the latest picture of Kate, asking if she really “look like a woman who is ready or keen to be back on display” or to be “put on public view like a museum specimen.”

“I suppose if there is one lesson to be drawn from all this is that princesses might get all the gee-gaws and diamonds they might fancy but choice? Freedom? Real independence? Maybe there’s no such thing as a free ten-bedroom Norfolk estate after all. Everything has a price,” Elser stated.

Unlike Kate Middleton, late Queen Elizabeth always felt she needed to be seen in public to ensure that she was trusted by the public and not leave them with speculations.

“Everybody feels unsettled by uncertainty, and there is too much uncertainty that is surrounding the monarchy right now,” Sally Bedell Smith said.

“Queen Elizabeth used to say, ‘I need to be seen to be believed.’ It is important for Charles and his reign for the public to know a little bit more.”

The royal expert added, “The monarchy needs to be that anchor in times of trouble, and any sense of instability, which is inevitable when you have two of the key players out of action, is understandable.”

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