Marcus Lemonis is the type of cool guy who loves to help out people in need. Marcus is a millionaire in his own tight, and he’s reached his heights by observing and implementing the most workable ideas in business. For starters, Marcus believes that a business that values and treats its employee well is more likely to be successful.

Being a kind human, Marcus has gone out of his way to use his own money to shore up some businesses in need of help. In this nice video, he’s changing the life of one good lady, and she’s all emotional about it!

Tami Forbes is pregnant, but that’s not what’s bothering her. She’s particularly concerned about the welfare of her family since she has been working 2 jobs to cover the bills, and now she’s going out of work for a maternity leave. However, Marcus has decided to turn her life around, and you’ll love this guy for this!


Watch as Tami gets advance salary for 6 whole months. It’s so touching and heartwarming!

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