Police commissioner asked to resign over shirt she wore 25 years ago

An acting police commissioner was asked to resign after a 25-year-old photo emerged of her wearing a t-shirt with an apparent “joke” that was in bad taste. “It is clear that it was a bad decision on my part, and I would not wear that shirt today,” she admitted, but was that enough?


How many times has it happened for someone to wish to change their past, or at least a decision they made back in the day? I guess there’s no person alive who doesn’t have regrets over past events that interfere with their present or future.

Just recently, a photo taken around 1994 emerged and it shows Christine Coulter, current Philadelphia’s acting Police Commissioner, wearing a T-shirt which cause controversy years later. The T-shirt in question, that Coulter wore some28 years ago, had the following writing on it, “L.A.P.D. We Treat You Like a King.” People believe that these words were a reference to the incident which took back in 1999 involving a man named Rodney Glen King who was a victim of police brutality.  King was beaten by LAPD officers during his arrest, after a high-speed chase, for driving while intoxicated on the I-210.

Coulter, the acting commissioner, decided to address the issue during a Philadelphia City Council hearing on social media posts by police officers. She apologized for wearing the shirt that many years ago but a councilwoman called for Coulter’s resignation.

Coulter explained that the photo was taken at a beach party shortly after she started working in the 25th District. Saying that she was profoundly sorry, the commissioner added she had “never even thought of it as anything other than an L.A.P.D. shirt,” and she failed to recognize the potential connection between the slogan and King’s beating.

“It is clear that it was a bad decision on my part, and I would not wear that shirt today,” she said. “Certainly, as I look at the past week and the h5rt and damage it has caused people who I care about to communities that I always care about, I should have known,” she added.

“My heart has been broken over this,” Coulter continued. “There’s folks in this room who I have served in their communities who know my heart and know that for 30 years I have served in black and brown communities with all that I ever have to give, never treating people unfairly or unjustly because of their race. Even people I’ve had to arrest, I treated like gentlemen or gentle ladies going through the process.”

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