Pilot calls out elderly woman on plane making her cry when he comes near her seat

She received the ultimate surprise!


“A mother is an angel is disguise,” they say, and I am positive everyone agrees with this saying.

Mothers always hold a special place in their children’s hearts and lives. They are caring, loving, patient, and would do anything for their children’s well-being. That said, we should always find the time to remind them how much we love them and how much they mean to us while we still can.

Michelle A and her brother, who is a pilot for United Airlines, surprised their mother in a way she never expected.

Source: YouTube/ Michelle A

Namely, Michelle and her mom were on board, but the mother had no idea her son was the captain pilot on the flight. As she got into her seat, the pilot announced that there was a special passenger on board. He then said, “If you were a Capital Airlines stewardess, would you mind raising your hand?”

Michelle’s mom was surprised. She used to work as a flight attendant for Capital Airlines some 60 years ago before they merged with United Airlines because she wanted to focus on raising her three children.

The mom raised her hand, not knowing what was going on. Her son, the pilot, then said that she was the greatest mom ever.

Source: YouTube/ Michelle A

As everyone was clapping, the mom couldn’t contain her emotions. A moment later, the pilot came to her and gave her a big hug, reminding her just how much he loved her.

“You had the greatest dad ever,” she said to him and then turned to the passengers in the seats beside her and added, “His father was a pilot.” 

Source: YouTube/ Michelle A

People loved the video so very much that it reached over 26 million views. It looks like everyone loves seeing a mom being thanked for everything she does for her family.

“You know life’s too short not say how you feel about your parents. I have the upmost respect for this Captain/son to do this for your Mom. I lost my mom way too soon to cancer so this means everything to me, I have the upmost respect for the captain to do what he did,” one viewer wrote.

Another, who happened to know the pilot personally, added, “I LOVE HIM!!!!! HE is my favorite Captain on United… extremely professional and kind to passengers. When I started out as a flight attendant, he was patient unlike other pilots lol. His mom must be incredibly proud for raising a fine gentleman!! Beautiful video and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing. We need more Captains like him!!! ❤”

Source: YouTube/ Michelle A

What a beautiful surprise, don’t you agree?

If you want to witness the precious moment this family shared check out the video below.