Parents give daughter hilarious gift for dorm room as she’s heading to college

They say she secretly loves it!


A lot of parents have trouble accepting the fact that their children grew up and are no longer their little babies. And occasion when reality hits hard is when the kids are about to leave the family home and go to college where they experience what it feels like to be independent.

David and Whitney Scott of Arkansas made the most of it when their daughter Emma headed to college this year and decided to play around with her and make some incredibly precious memories along the way.

Being professional photographers, David and Whitney knew that Emma’s reaction to their surprise would end up with some cool photos, but what they didn’t know was that those photos will go viral for all the right reasons.

“As Emma heads to Harding University next week to begin her Freshman year, Whitney was looking for something for her dorm room that would convey love, provide reassurance as possibly embarrass her to her core,” David posted on Facebook on August 11. “I think we found it. And yes, she’s thrilled.”

Along with this caption came a hilarious photo of Emma posing next to an enormous blanket with a life-size photo of her parents and a pillow with her brother’s and her dog’s faces printed on it.

Emma probably expected something like this because her parents have always “teased” her, like when they yelled “I love you” at her from the school drop-off line. Of course, she doesn’t get angry at them, on the contrary, she loves their spirits.

“Since before she was born, we have looked forward to the teenage years when we could have a little fun embarrassing her with all our parental love,” Whitney told Fox News.

“It’s done,” David posted on August 18. “Our sweet girl is off on a new adventure at Harding University. It was a long day of travel, unpacking and decorating, but that’s the way we wanted it. Every moment is a blessing. She made it! We made/will make it. Most importantly, that blanket and pillowcase made it!”

Although Emma rolled her eyes at the unusual present, her mom and dad say she secretly loves it.

One thing is certain, this girl is lucky to have David and Whitney as her parents. They rock, don’t they?