Parents discover unusually cute hat on baby’s head

I was not expecting the butterfly to look like that - it truly was a magical moment!


Animals and babies make best of friends, and apparently that goes for insects too. It’s lovely seeing parents who teach their children that no matter how big or small, every living being should be treated with utmost respect because it has its own place on this planet and makes it more beautiful. 

When one couple decided to take their baby at the San Diego Zoo, they had no idea it will turn into one of their most memorable trips together only because of one very special butterfly. And as everyone had fun looking at those stunning wings, the little baby girl had no idea why her parents were overly excited. 



The gorgeous and pretty big butterfly casually landed on the baby’s forehead and made her way to the top of the cutie pie’s head. The baby couldn’t feel the insect was walking on her and was left wondering why was everyone staring at her. 

Some random kids tried to make the baby smile, but she was only looking at them unaware of the unique moment that was taking place. 

It’s great the parents managed to put everything on tape as we are sure the baby girl would appreciate it when she gets older. 



When the butterfly opens her wings, we get to see the mesmerizing blue pattern. The color is so vivid that it’s really breathtaking. This has to be nature at it’s finest.

She seems to be enjoying the attention she is getting and the baby’s head is just the perfect place for taking some rest. Even when the baby moves her head, the butterfly doesn’t fall. 



These butterflies are known as The Blue Morpho Butterflies and are one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. 

Certain tribes of the Amazon believe these butterflies have magical powers and grant wishes. That is the reason why they are creating masks resembling their wings during their festivals. 

It’s amazing how their wings are plain brown on the outside which allows them to camouflage when not flying. 

This one, however, really made this family’s day special.