Paralyzed dog rushes to welcome her soldier dad who comes home from deployment

The video below is one of the most heartwarming videos I have ever seen. Actually, videos of dogs welcoming soldiers coming home from deployment are always emotional, but this one is somehow special.


Emma is a very exceptional dog. Her family adopted her from SNARR, an animal rescue center for dogs with special needs. She is paralyzed from the back down and can’t move her hind legs, but that doesn’t stop her from thriving. She knows she is surrounded by people who love her to the moon and back and would do anything to facilitate her moving.

Although she is lucky to be living with her humans, there is one special person whom she loves a bit more than the rest of the family members. That’s her daddy who is an airman and spends time abroad every now and then. This time he was deployed for six months, and that’s how long Emma hasn’t seen him. However, it was now time for him to get back home and guess who welcomed him at the door?

Emma is so excited and overwhelmed that she started crawling towards him, eagerly waiting to give him a kiss.

The video of the reunion is so touching that you can’t possibly watch it without shedding some tears.

We have never seen anything more precious than this.

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